Liverpool, Adam Lallana, and the difference between a good player and £25m player 7

Because Adam Lallana has been linked with Liverpool for such a long time, it’s really no surprise to hear that he’s finally agreed terms on a move to Anfield and will complete a deal worth somewhere in the region of £25m.

£25m?  For Adam Lallana?

There will be Liverpool fans who will defend this transfer purely on the basis that it involves their club - that’s completely natural - but to outsiders this looks like a preposterous use of that newly tapped Champions League revenue.

Think about the calibre of player that Adam Lallana is, think about his age, and then imagine he wasn’t English: Is that someone who you would be comfortable paying £25m for?  No, probably not.  He holds a British passport, though, so his talent seems rarer than it really is.  It’s an illusion.

Is he good player?  Yes, absolutely, he does a lot of things well and he’s very entertaining to watch, but that is not enough to justify this kind of fee.  For that kind of money, Liverpool should be getting someone who could make the difference between winning the title and finishing third, and Lallana really isn’t that guy.

And where’s he going to play?

Is he a better player than Philippe Coutinho?  No.  Is he an improvement on Raheem Sterling? No.  Can be used periodically as a forward in conjunction with Daniel Sturridge or as a replacement for Luis Suarez?  No.  Is he going to improve significantly in the future and add extra dimensions to his game?  Very unlikely, he’s already 26.

Lallana will provide some nice variation within those attacking-midfield positions and he adds significant depth, but Liverpool could have found a player to do that for half the price.

As Manchester United have shown with their excessive outlay on Luke Shaw, Liverpool aren’t the only side to hold a baffling faith in English players, but at what point is common-sense going to prevail here and when are we going to start being realistic about what these home-grown guys are actually worth?

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