Liverpool & Emre Can: Daylight robbery 0


Emre Can, as we’ve known for some time now, is heading for Liverpool and the fee involved is absolutely scandalous.  Really, whoever it was at Leverkusen who sanctioned such a low release-clause 12 months ago should be in fear of their job - think of what £10m buys a club in the British market and remember that when you watch Can play next season.

Not to retread old ground, because I’ve written about Can before, but - beyond the fee - the value in this move is really in the player’s positional adaptability.  The German has a very transferable skill-set and has a range of attributes which are useful in several different areas of the pitch - in fact, this season alone he’s been used as a central and defensive-midfielder, as a left-back, and - apparently - once as a centre-back.

I’ve only seen him play in the middle of the pitch, so I’m not in a position to comment on what his strongest role really is.  However, this is a very modern player who can create opportunities, who can score goals, who can take the ball away from the opposition, and whose game is underpinned by really accomplished technique - and it’s presumably that range of abilities which makes him a viable option in more than one position.

In some ways, this is actually a perfect transfer for Liverpool; not only is Can a young player who will unquestionably develop, but he’s also a credible first-teamer who adds depth to several of the weaker areas in Brendan Rodgers’ squad.

There’s absolutely nothing to dislike about this deal, great business.

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