Liverpool in danger of revisiting ‘British player tax’ with Adam Lallana 6

Adam Lallana is a good player and he’s had a very good season for Southampton.  However, the amount of money Liverpool are supposedly ready to pay for him is…absurd.

The Mirror’s David Maddock - who is generally pretty plugged-in  to events on Merseyside - has Liverpool paying around £40m for Lallana and Dejan Lovren.

For argument’s sake, let’s say that Lovren represents about £15m of that - at most - and Lallana accounts for the rest.  £25m?  There’s a difference between being a very good player and being a £25m player.  Yes, Lallana has had a good season and his ability on the ball has been one of the features of Southampton’s success this year, but would he really be that noticeable if he wasn’t English?

If this was just A N Other player in La Liga or Serie A, would he be that remarkable?  He would still be a very capable attacking-midfielder, but for that kind of money you would expect to get a week-to-week difference-maker and someone who is consistently going to win games by himself.  Lallana is great to watch and he produces a lovely looking highlight reel at the end of each season, but he’s just not that class of player.

The Champions League provides a huge boost in revenue and it gives clubs a big advantage over non-participating sides in their domestic league; it would be a real shame if Liverpool got sucked into paying inflated prices for British players having worked so hard for second place this year.  It’s a time for steady, incremental improvement, not over-enthusiastic spending for the sake of it.

Not to be too harsh on the player, but for £25m a club could buy two Adam Lallanas abroad.

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