Liverpool: Milner, Ings, and squad options

Liverpool are getting started in the market nice and early this Summer and that’s always encouraging - especially considering that a lot of their transfer activity twelve months ago gave the impression of being quite rushed.

James Milner is on his way in, apparently, and Danny Ings is also expected to follow - again on a free-transfer - shortly after. These are not game-changing signings and the addition of those two players alone will not bump Liverpool up the table, but they’re still very astute pieces of business. One of Liverpool’s weaknesses during the Brendan Rodgers era has been their shortage of first-team players and their reliance, at times, on under-talented or under-developed squad-filler.

If that issue is to be alleviated, clearly there’s a lot more to do between now and August, but Milner and Ings are both credible starters at Anfield and each will make his respective position - or positions, in the former’s case - stronger.

If these deals are completed, then they will collectively represent a very good start to the off-season. Maybe they also hint that lessons have been learnt from a year ago and that the much-maligned Anfield transfer-committee has shifted its focus away from trying to outsmart the rest of the market and towards something more high-percentage.

Time will tell - but here’s how these two will fit-in at Liverpool and the effect they will have on the squad’s depth.

(Base 4-2-3-1)

A couple of caveats: Raheem Sterling has been left off for obvious reason and Jerome Sinclair too, as he seems likely to spend next season out on-loan.

The graphic obviously shows the value of Milner and his positional dexterity, but it also demonstrates just how much work Liverpool have to do over the Summer.  With Javier Manquillo’ loan expiring and Glen Johnson likely to leave the club in the coming weeks, Rodgers has no available natural right-backs - Can being a convert, Flanagan being a long-term injury absentee.  Similarly, there’s not a single player within that defence who could be said to have furthered his reputation in 2014/15 and, as such, a case could be made for replacing each and every one of them.

If Ings and Milner are the extent of the club’s offensive recruitment this off-season, so be it, but it would be a catastrophe if they weren’t followed by at least two or three new starters for those back-five positions.

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  1. Neither Milner or Ings are game changers. Liverpool fans want signings that are going to raise the roof.

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