Liverpool ready to snag Loic Remy - and a bargain

Since Luis Suarez was sold to Barcelona, the talk has been of how Brendan Rodgers will ‘replace’ him.  Not to be a pedant, but that’s quite a redundant discussion: Suarez is a unique footballer, both in terms of his ability and his stylistic tendencies.

You don’t ‘replace’ players like that, you just move on - and Liverpool have started that process by agreeing a fee with QPR for Loic Remy.

Remy is going to come into a difficult situation at Anfield, because he is of course going to be compared to Luis Suarez, but take the Uruguayan out of the equation and appreciated what a good bit of business this is.

The French forward has a very rare composure in front of goal, is able to find the net in a variety of different ways and, crucially, he is ideal for Rodgers’ style of football.

As well as being a very quick player, Remy is also extremely opportunistic in the way he takes advantage of space.  He’s both the kind of forward who will thrive in the counter-attacking situations that Liverpool strive to create and the sort who is able to drift into wide areas and be influential outside the penalty-box.  That latter point is very important; for the kind of football that Rodgers’ preaches to work, the forwards and the attacking-midfelders have to be able to adjust to different positions during the course of the same game - and Remy is someone who can do that.  Remember how Daniel Sturridge played last season: he didn’t just stand in central positions and wait for the ball, he moved all over the pitch and involved himself in multiple phases of the play.

Remy is not going to score at the same rate as Suarez, but it’s arguably more important that he can adjust to the system that he’s being bought to be a part of - and, that the high-tempo/heavy movement feel to Liverpool’s play doesn’t drop-off when he’s in the side.

He almost certainly will and it almost certainly won’t.

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3 Comments on "Liverpool ready to snag Loic Remy - and a bargain"

  1. Borini out for 14m and Remy in for <9m, good business (wages not withstanding)

    Seems like Liverpool are trying to do a Dortmund and replace their loss with not one but a few players that can score enough goals to make up for losing Suarez/Lewandowski

  2. livermania | Jul 19, 2014 at 2:03 pm |

    go ahead for 35m Jackson Martinez….super natural goalscorer

  3. I don’t think Remy is meant to replace Suarez. I think Liverpool will buy another good striker after selling Borini for £14m and loaning out Aspas. Rodgers will want 4 good strikers, Sturridge, Remy, Lambert, and somebody else.

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