Liverpool’s issue with the unsellable Mario Balotelli

During the last forty-eight hours, Mino Raiola - Mario Balotelli’s agent - has claimed that his Italian client won’t be leaving Liverpool this Summer.  Contrary to that, though, are the many reports in the press which claim that FSG are desperate to offload Balotelli and that they’re willing to take a significant loss on their original investment to shunt him out the door.

Neither is particularly surprising.

Balotelli has no use to Liverpool going forward.  Regardless of what his footballing merits actually are, he is so stylistically unsuited to Brendan Rodgers’ attacking ideology that he has no real purpose.  In addition to which, his personality is so rigid that there’s no case for saying that, given time, he might adapt to become the player that the club needs him to be.  He won’t, it’s not going to happen.

Yes, Mino Raiola has claimed that Liverpool are happy with his client’s professionalism and application and that they’re enthusiastic about the remaining two years left on his contract, but we can probably assume that to be PR rhetoric.  Raiola is fighting a losing a battle to keep Balotelli relevant at the top-tier of the game and he’s hardly likely to concede that this transfer has been the unmitigated catastrophe that it clearly has been.

But what of Liverpool?

If Balotelli were to leave before next season, the market would value him somewhere below £10m.  He’s not, contrary to popular belief, on a particularly extravagant wage and so wouldn’t be that difficult to shift.  The trouble, however, is over what kind of club would really be willing to give him a new home?  This is a player who has failed everywhere he’s been and whose value seems to become more hypothetical with each passing season.

If he were to leave Anfield, he wouldn’t be moving to a club of equivalent stature, but to a second-level team.  The days of big contracts and eye-catching transfer-fees would be over and Balotelli would forever be consigned to the shelf labelled ‘what might have been’.  As a consequence, he will almost certainly cling to his Liverpool contract for its remaining two years; Raiola will be aware of the realities facing the player and will presumably advise him to stay at all costs, hoping in vain for some kind of reputational rehabilitation.

Liverpool won’t even be able to give him away before his contract expires.

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3 Comments on "Liverpool’s issue with the unsellable Mario Balotelli"

  1. This is a prime example of a Manager, Brendan Rogers, who thought he could succeed and totally change the style and attitude of Balotelli, and there increase the value of his own CV. Why did Rogers believe that when far better Managers than him have tried and failed? Just another nail in the coffin. As for your thought that Balotelli would need to drop down to a second level club, he is already playing for one.

  2. “Unsellable”? For fuck’s sake, improve your command of the English language before you even attempt to write another article.

  3. Sherief Razzaque (@strazzaque) | May 28, 2015 at 9:20 am |

    Please elaborate what you mean when you write, “This is a player who has failed everywhere he’s been..” otherwise you’re simply indulging in lazy citizen-journalism.

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