Luis Nani’s new Manchester United contract: who blinked? 0


Luis Nani has signed a new five-year Manchester United contract, bringing to an end a long-running stand-off between the club and the player’s representatives.

What you have to ask in this situation, is what changed - and whose stance softened?

By all accounts - and this is speculation, so be careful with it - the original distance between these two sides was regarding the basic wage that the player was asking for. On the basis that Nani has done nothing to increase his value over the past six months, you would have to believe that the decision to re-sign with United has come because of a lack of interest elsewhere.

If, for example, a Juventus-sized club had taken a real interest in the Portuguese, or if another club of that stature had been in semi-serious discussion with his representatives, then it would have been in Nani’s best interests to run down his contract and negotiate in the new year.

As mentioned, this is all hypothetical, because details about re-signings don’t really come into the public domain, but it interesting to consider what must have happened to bridge the gap between the two parties.

If you had to bet on it - had to - then you would wager that United have the better end of this deal.

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