Luis Suarez still an exit risk for Liverpool 4

The transfer rumours have start to appear again, and for the second Summer in a row Luis Suarez is being linked with a move Real Madrid.  The Uruguayan has drawn some attention recently for not being more publicly forceful about his future, but that seems to be more about press-related mischief than an actual desire on his part to leave Anfield.

At present, there’s no clear reason to believe that Suarez wants to leave England and neither is there any real suggestion that Madrid carry a genuine interest - but that could change and so counting on Suarez being a Liverpool player next season might be a bit premature.

Real are going to finish third in La Liga and that in itself will probably be enough to provoke them into another Summer of heavy spending.  If, in addition, they lose the Champions League final to Atletico then that outlay will probably grow - Karim Benzema is already rumoured to be on the verge of leaving the club, and their potential need to fill a hole at forward should give every team with an elite goal-scorer good reason for concern.

The problem with Madrid is three-fold: they hold an obvious appeal to any player, they possess the resources to tempt any club into a sale, and they are masters of the dark arts which so often lead to ‘forced’ transfers.  Sir Alex Ferguson was right about them, they do play dirty in the market and they can turn a loyal player into a mutinous one within the blink of an eye or the printing of a Marca exclusive.

Liverpool have reached and exceeded all of their objectives this season and they have repaid Luis Suarez’s decision to stay by providing him with Champions League football next season.  Is that enough, though?

Suarez is twenty-seven and theoretically within his prime.  If Madrid made an offer for him this Summer, would that not represent one of his last opportunities to play at that level?  Liverpool are progressive and they are resurgent under Brendan Rodgers, but Madrid are Madrid and as such they are always a threat.  A lot of players covet having a Real Madrid or a Barcelona-type club on their CV, and that has to be a worry with Suarez.

Given the season that the Uruguayan has just had, there must be at least one Real decision-maker wondering what a forward line of Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Luis Suarez could look like, and that’s why Liverpool need to go into the transfer-window with their eyes open.  The Premier League needs to keep hold of its top-tier talent, and John Henry might need to be every bit as stubborn in the coming months as he was a year ago.

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