Manchester City and Marc-Andre ter Stegen: discussion 0

Because of Manuel Pellegrini’s time at Malaga, a Manchester City move for Willy Caballero will always seem logical - but with the news that the Spanish club won’t accept anything less than £20m for their Argentine goalkeeper, such a move is looking less and less economical.

Caballero is not a £20m player, and at 32 years-old he’s not about to get any better; £20m during the FFP era is far too much to be paying for a less-than-elite goalkeeper.

My own personal opinion, is that Pellegrini should wait out Joe Hart’s form-slump, but I understand the need for immediate success at a club like City, and as such poor form at a key position is tough to live with for the Chilean.

If Pellegrini is determined to go goalkeeper-shopping in January though, he should be looking at Germany rather than Spain, and Borussia Monchengladbach’s man-child Marc-Andre ter Stegen. Beyond Thibaut Courtois, ter Stegen is the premier developing goalkeeping talent in Europe, and at 21 has a frightening potential.

Most of you will have seen the German’s highlight reels, and while his shot-stopping and reactions are very impressive, that’s not what makes him a good candidate for City - it’s his personality. There’s a difference between being a top goalkeeper and being a goalkeeper at a top club - that’s been proven time and again - and ter Stegen is one of the rare examples of someone who could be both. He has huge confidence, yes, but he’s also a very dominant personality and could, at a guess, easily handle the expectation associated with a club of City’s size and visibility. He reminds me a little bit of Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer, and not just because of his nationality: he has that same impenetrable confidence about him, and I love that in a goalkeeper.

If the club are going to spend big, and are willing to bring-in a top-tier replacement for Hart, then this is their man - he is destined for the very top of the game.

Here’s some YouTube…

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