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Manchester United and some scare-mongering over Adnan Januzaj


If you were reading this site yesterday, then you will have read my thoughts on the press’ reporting of the new contract Manchester United are supposedly ready to offer Adnan Januzaj.

Basically, nobody in the media has much of an idea of the details surrounding that situation, but they’re all having a fun time guessing at it anyway.

Anyway, an article today in The Mail is in much the same spirit, with Chris Wheeler claiming that ‘Barcelona are ever more confident that Januzaj will move to the Nou Camp when his deal runs out.’

The intelligent among you will have spotted this a mile-off: Wheeler is just joining some dots. Januzaj is a very talented player, and Barcelona are a big club - therefore it’s believable that they will hold an interest in the winger. This is a very good example of a journalist printing ‘what he can get away with’, rather than a story with an actual source - Manchester United are a well-supported club, the article will attract a lot of clicks, and because there appears to be a sensible logic behind this, nobody will question it.

This is just scare-mongering, and filler for a slow international week.

If you think I’m picking on Wheeler unfairly, then have a look at his back-catalogue - specifically this story about Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United, this about United trying to sign Willian, and this about the club being offered Mesut Ozil.

It’s fair to say that there’s a bit of creative license at work there.

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