Maturity prevailing for Eden Hazard at Chelsea 0

This is nice to hear.

Shortly before the end of the season, Jose Mourinho was very critical of Eden Hazard and there was a chance - as we so often see in the modern game - that the player could have flounced in response to that.

But he didn’t and here is discussing his manager’s critique (via The Mail):

“It’s true and it’s good. I prefer it when we speak like this, rather than saying things like: “He’s the best and he doesn’t need to work.

I know maybe I have to do better in training or on the pitch.  I want to score more and help the team score more goals and next season I hope we can be better.

I try to play like I did when I was a young boy playing in my garden. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good but I try to always make sure I give my best to help the team, even if I am not having the best game myself.”

How refreshing is that?  Instead of a well-paid player believing that he’s above criticism, Hazard has taken Mourinho’s comments on the chin and responded maturely to them.  That’s very revealing; the difference between very good and elite players tends to be their ability to recognise their own weaknesses and improve on them, and it sounds very much as if Hazard has that kind of attitude.

Good for him - there would have been plenty of his contemporaries who would have spent the Summer sulking after something like this, and who would have asked their agents to find him a club and manager who were more likely to fawn over them.

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