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Mesut Ozil’s creative influence on Arsenal

We’ve all seen enough of Mesut Ozil already to understand how he’s managed to tally so many assists in his career, and his influence on Arsenal is clearly quite profound, even at this early stage.

Here, for those who like this kind of thing, are his passing-charts from his first three games for his new club:

Sunderland (away)

Marseille (away)

Stoke (home)

(Graphics courtesy of

Fans tend to judge creativity by assists, and while not inaccurate that will always do a player like Ozil a disservice - assists are, after all, reliant on the finishing ability of another player. Instead, a truer measure is probably provided by the graphics above which showcase the types of passes made during the game and the number of balls which led to goal-scoring opportunities (marked in yellow).

He’s worth every penny of his transfer fee.

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