Michael Carrick, unwarranted distrust, and his new Manchester United contract 0

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This is very good news for Manchester United. Maybe not so much for the cluster of fans who still don’t really ‘get’ Michael Carrick and who continue to trash the midfielder at every opportunity, but in real-world terms this is a good day for the club.

Carrick has signed a new contract, and is committed to the club until 2015.

It saddens me that he isn’t appreciated more, and actually the amount of criticism he receives is very frustrating for anyone who has watched him play in the flesh - he’s one of the composed players I’ve ever seen, and has been one of the best one or two-touch passers in English football for almost a decade.

He’s a marmite player, seemingly, and he seems to be far more appreciated abroad than he ever has been at home. Maybe that relates to our own preference for footballers? We like our midfielders to be physical, energetic players who fling themselves into tackles and who steamroller their way through the middle of the pitch - but I think that’s a really out-dated ideal which doesn’t really fit within the modern game.

If he was an Italian, Spaniard, or German, we’d universally rave about his technique and short-passing ability, but as far as English football is concerned he seems to be ahead of his time and his languid playing style contradicts the stereotype just a bit too much for our liking. If a holding player isn’t a Scott Parker clone, do we just not trust him?

Five Premier League titles, one Champions League winner’s medal, and two further final appearances; what does this guy have to put on his CV to be appreciated?

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