Muhamed Besic should be a Manchester United target 4


Prior to last night, I’d never even heard of Muhamed Besic.  In the context of Bosnian football, all conversations revolve around Miralem Pjanic - rightly so - and the Roma star eclipses everyone around him.  Typically, players like Besic are a secondary concern.

One-off games in World Cups are not a good judge of how suited a player is to certain clubs or leagues, but Besic’s attributes are perfect for Manchester United’s future.

Muhamed Besic: Distribution vs Argentina

Muhamed Besic: Distribution vs Argentina

We don’t yet know who Louis Van Gaal will try to add to his squad this Summer, but in the near future he will have to find a long-term replacement to Michael Carrick.  Carrick is a divisive player and one who some fans will just never appreciate, but he has been very important to United over the years and their recent history wouldn’t have been as decadent had he not at Old Trafford.

When I watched Besic last night, I was reminded of Carrick.  He’s not a destructive player, he doesn’t going piling into tackles, but he has that same composure on the ball and his distribution patterns are very similar.  Defensive-midfielders don’t have to kick opponents up in the air to be effective, and the very best tend to just patrol the area in front of their back-four quietly.  They have a composure to them, an elegance if you will.

Carrick has played like that for years, and Besic was very similar last night.  He supposedly has a history at centre-back, and that really shows in the way that he defends and the manner in which he reads the play around him.  If someone is doing that at 21, on their World Cup debut when faced with Leo Messi, Sergio Aguero, Angel Di Maria et al, then they’re probably very special.

It’s not in my nature to start transfer-rumours, and to be clear there’s no suggestion that United have any kind of interest in Muhamed Besic, but if you’re a fan of the club then maybe try to watch him throughout the rest of the tournament - there’s definitely something there.

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