Nervous about Manchester United’s Luke Shaw valuation 1

It’s unconfirmed, of course, but it seems as if Manchester United are willing to pay up to £34m for Luke Shaw.

Huge admirer of Shaw though I am - and though most of us presumably are - that’s an enormous fee.  Vast.  It’s also the kind of bid that Southampton couldn’t afford to turn down and, presumably, it would represent a chance that Shaw himself would feel unable to say no to.

Maybe it’s past experience, but I never like seeing young English players working under the weight of big fees - in most cases it seems to have a restrictive impact on their progress.  Imagine being an eighteen year-old - Shaw turns 19 in early July - with just over 50 Premier League appearances to your name and suddenly being the subject of a bid of that size?

That’s an enormous pressure.

And, of course, if he does move to Manchester United he will be scrutinised in the most minute detail.

I’m not saying Manchester United shouldn’t be pursuing him and I’m not saying that he shouldn’t want the move - but if it was me I’d want to see him play another season at Southampton before signing off on this.  We may have talked about Luke Shaw’s talent for a long time, but up until this point he’s avoided the mass attention that his ability will eventually bring him - so maybe increase the sample size by another twelve months and see how he responds to being an England player and watch how he copes with being a known target for Manchester United.

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