Newcastle United and the endless childishness of Mike Ashley 3

Supposedly, journalists from certain papers - the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, The Journal, and the Sunday Sun - were banned from asking Alan Pardew questions in the post-match press-conference yesterday because of their negative coverage of Mike Ashley recently.

This apparently dates back to the recent anti-Ashley march organised and carried out by a group of Newcastle United fans, and the aforementioned papers’ decision to cover it in a less than flattering light for the club’s owner.

While nothing Mike Ashley does really surprises me anymore, I’m still slightly stunned by his childishness and his naivety - maybe this is, in fact, the most foolish man ever to make a lot of money?

Given the many, many antagonistic moves Ashley has made during his tenure, it can hardly surprise him that, a) the fans are less than enamoured with his ownership and, b) the press - local and national - are taking an interest in that unrest.

He is the owner of a globally-visible football team, not a community bowling centre - therefore this kind of ‘take my ball and go home’ mentality will only perpetuate the negativity which surrounds Newcastle United.

Making enemies of the press? Smart move, Mike, smart, smart move - you’ve very efficiently turned Newcastle into one of the most disliked clubs in the country.

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