Opposing the contrived response to Andre Marriner’s Chelsea/Arsenal mistake 1

Andre Marriner made a colossal error during Chelsea’s game with Arsenal yesterday, and it should hopefully lead to some real questions about extending football’s use of technology in a bid to prevent the re-occurrence of such an embarrassing situation .

What it should not lead to, however, is any kind of conversation which suggests that there was a racial element at work.

I’m not going to name and shame anybody, because they’ve hopefully realised how silly they look by now, but there were a significant number of Twitter users who tried to forcefully imply the existence of something far more sinister about yesterday events.

Please, don’t humiliate yourselves.

Racism is unfortunately still an issue within English football, and the fight against it doesn’t need to be undermined by the callous overuse of very serious terms. We’ve seen this before: instead of actually targeting genuine problems within the game, people want to incorrectly brand certain individuals - and all that does is trivialise an issue which deserves far greater respect.

Battling prejudice within sport takes time, but it also requires maturity - those who scream ‘racist’ for effect are harming this cause rather than helping it.

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