Andy Carroll is an unwitting threat to West Ham’s stylistic progression 0

If I was a West Ham fan, I would be nervous at the reappearance of Andy Carroll. Of course, it’s good news that the lumbering targetman has recovered from injury and his availability clearly diversifies Sam Allardyce’s selection options, but Carroll represents something unwelcome. Through no fault of his own, Carroll is tied to West(…)

Player to watch this weekend: Rickie Lambert (Liverpool) 0

Truthfully, a lot of the eagerness to see Rickie Lambert is derived from his nationality.  It’s hard to imagine some of British pundits clamouring for his inclusion in the Liverpool side if he wasn’t a home-grown player and did have the same, beetroot-themed back-story. The perception of Lambert is as the anti-Mario Balotelli.  The Italian,(…)

Tottenham’s Erik Lamela: Forward progress 0

Beyond the idiocy from the first-half, there was really nothing really memorable about Tottenham’s penultimate group-stage game in the Europa League.  Partizan were good enough to be respected, but Spurs were - understandably given the mixed-and-matched personnel on the field - rather disjointed and ineffective. There were good points, though.  A clean sheet is always(…)

A timely reminder to Arsenal of where Danny Welbeck is 1

When the rumours of Danny Welbeck’s Arsenal transfer started to gain traction back in late August, there was no unanimity to the response. Some of his soon-to-be supporters were enthusiastic, recognising that their side was desperately short of a forward and that Welbeck was a goal-scorer of some potential. Others, however, focused less on the(…)

Simon Mignolet’s situation at Liverpool: Time to regroup

Simon Mignolet’s situation at Liverpool: Time to regroup 0

Simon Mignolet is becoming a figure of fun now.  Every error he makes is being met with online derision and ridicule and, surely, Brendan Rodgers has to now accept that his goalkeeper needs to sit down for a week or two. The argument against that is obviously going to be the lack of a credible(…)

Arsenal vs Borussia Dortmund: Individual Player Statistics

Arsenal vs Borussia Dortmund: Individual Player Statistics 0

Everyone has an agenda now at Arsenal and last night’s win over Borussia Dortmund will be presented in different ways depending on the individual’s stance towards Arsene Wenger.  The detractors will no doubt point to the German side’s lack of confidence and form, but realistically this was a genuinely notable improvement on the last couple(…)

Liverpool, an icon, and some legacy guarding

Liverpool, an icon, and some legacy guarding 0

There’s a nasty edge to Bruce Grobbelaar’s comments about Simon Mignolet. The former Liverpool goalkeeper has had his say on the most recent of his successors and has done so in an unnecessarily nasty way to the BBC. “I’ve always said that he doesn’t command his area. Yes, he’s a great shot stopper. I was(…)

Tottenham & their quest for character

Tottenham & their quest for character 0

At the end of October, after his defeat had slipped to a 2-1 defeat to Newcastle United, Mauricio Pochettino bemoaned Tottenham’s lack of character. To the club’s supporters, it was nothing new.  During the Premier League years, Spurs have been a notoriously soft team and there are so many instances of their weak-mindedness that the(…)

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