Promising noises being made by Tottenham about Erik Lamela

Today was the moment all the Erik Lamela rumours died, and not before time - here are Tim Sherwood’s thoughts on the Argentine’s future from his Friday press-conference:

“He won’t be leaving on loan in this transfer window. He has a big future here, absolutely. We know what a talented player Erik is. We also understand that players need time to settle. He needs time to acclimatise to this country. He doesn’t speak English and he isn’t used to the pace of the games, especially over the Christmas period when they come thick and fast.

He is not 100 per cent fit either. He’s still feeling fatigued in one of his thighs so we were very cautious with him.

We are going to take it nice and steady with him. I really want to put him on the stage when he’s ready to perform, rather than let people judge him when he’s half-cocked.”


I’m not a Sherwood apologist, most of you know that, but this was absolutely the right thing for him to say - there’s been too much public silence from Tottenham regarding Lamela and that’s encouraged all these unhelpful rumours. A lot of fans - the less-hysterical element of them, anyway - having been saying exactly the same thing about the £30m Argentine: he’s young, he doesn’t speak English, and he needs to be eased into English football rather than just shoved onto a Premier League pitch and expected to perform immediately.

This is really encouraging, and it shows that the club have absolutely the right attitude towards Lamela behind the scenes.

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8 Comments on "Promising noises being made by Tottenham about Erik Lamela"

  1. Marc Bakrr | Jan 11, 2014 at 3:53 pm |

    Yeah I agree. Great read! I’ve always said how long was it before Bale won His first PL win and then £86million pound later…….lovely jubbley. There is still more to come from him a lot more!

  2. How many games was Bale given to settle in? At one point we were looking to ship him out!

  3. Totally agree…Lamela will become our Bale in the future

  4. By way of comparison - and for those “fans” who pull the trigger so fast on new players who don’t produce immediately:
    1. Cristiano Ronaldo, in his first 29 games with ManU, only scored 4 times.
    2. Thierry Henry played 8 games for Arsenal before he got his first goal.

  5. Lamela showed glimpses of what was to come against Stoke and I am sure the management is planning a structure which would grow the crop we have into a formidable outfit. Arsenal gave Giroud time so why can’t we do the same for Soldado. He just needs a bit of confidence by scoring a few goals.

  6. Could be our Henry, failed winger becomes goal scoring star.

  7. Joe Smith | Jan 10, 2014 at 7:36 pm |

    Tim Sherwood starting to show managerial aptitude re Lamela. Both Sherwood Lamela just need support which is a scarce and limited commodity a lot of the time WHL.

  8. Yeah spot on, ive said it all along. I wish people would just think for a second more before speaking out about him as he is obv talented and that hasnt just disappeared, it will come in time. That europa league match he scored in, yes weak opposition, but he really turned the flair on and showed what hes capable of. Hes just unfortunately become a scapegoat for our poor results.

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