‘Protest’ reaction to Tom Cleverley’s England call-up is an embarrassment 3

Tom Cleverley is extremely fortunate to have been included in the England squad for the upcoming friendly with Denmark, and his undeniably been very suspect this season.

But petitions requesting that he be ‘banned’ from representing his country are ludicrous.

That’s shameful; regardless of how good a football player Tom Cleverley is, remember that this is still a person and one who is trying to overcome a very difficult spell in his career. There’s a difference between being critical of a player’s involvement with the national team and persecuting him for being selected.

Tom Cleverley is frustrating and he isn’t evolving into the player we all hoped he would, but does this really help? This isn’t a superstar of the game who is impervious to criticism, this is a child in football terms - and how is he supposed to respond to being persecuted like this by his own fans?

Shame on you if you’re one of the thousands who signed that petition.

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