Real Madrid and Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling? Mischief making 1


Terrible, terrible job from John Cross.

If you’re a British journalist who has been sent to Brazil to cover England’s progress, it must be a very strange time at the moment.  There’s no anticipation, there’s nothing really to discuss, and days are presumably spent making ever more facetious comments about Wayne Rooney, Roy Hodgson and The FA.

How fun.

Although, if you’re John Cross, you can always throw out a frivolous transfer-rumour to pass the time.

Cross claims today that Real Madrid hold a latent interest in Raheem Sterling and that the Spanish club will actively pursue the Liverpool winger next Summer.

If you enjoy playing transfer-rumour bingo, this story is a real gift - Cross has got Madrid ‘monitor his progress’, ‘ready to pounce’  and believes that Carlo Ancelotti is a ‘big admirer’.

Somebody call ‘house’.

Whether Carlo Ancelotti is a big fan or not is essentially an irrelevance, because he does not make the transfer decisions at Real Madrid.  He’s a part of the process, but recruitment tends to be handled by the club’s technical staff - and anyway, this is Real and as such there are no guarantees that Carlo Ancelotti will still be the manager at the Bernabeu in twelve months time.

Find a big club, claim one of their influential young players is being pursued by a big foreign rival, enjoy the sizeable internet traffic.

Come on John, you’ll have to work a lot harder than that.

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