Southampton’s Adam Lallana and his growing England stock 1

Adam Lallana's England debut

There aren’t that many positives which can be taken from England’s back-to-back defeats to Chile and Germany, but Adam Lallana is one of them.

There was nothing spectacular about his contribution in either game, but there were little glimpses of his usefulness which Roy Hodgson will hopefully have taken note of. Lallana is not a world-class footballer - whatever that term really means - but he is technically-blessed, and England just don’t have enough of that type of player for him to be ignored.

Add-up his positional dexterity and his willingness to occasionally try low-percentage runs, passes or flicks, and you have a valuable commodity - and a commodity which would surely be worth something in Brazil next Summer.

In a generalised sense, England are a team stuffed with players who are very predictable, and whose habits and tendencies are extremely consistent. Lallana doesn’t fit into that grouping, and that’s to his advantage - he’s not quite a ‘wildcard’, but he’s just something slightly different. At the moment, at least, he doesn’t seem to play with the same kind of reservation and fear that so many of the national team have and continue to do, and that’s relatively exciting.

The narrative that follows this international break will be overwhelming negative, but Lallana managed to translate some of his Southampton form to the next level, and that was - in patched - quite impressive. Good for him, and if the World Cup squad was being announced today he’d be on the plane.

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