Southampton’s Graziano Pelle: Stat comparison with Rickie Lambert 0

Something quick.

Graziano Pelle completed his move to Southampton over the weekend, and Ronald Koeman now his replacement for Rickie Lambert.

But how does Pelle actually compare with Lambert?

It would be easy to lie and pretend to be an Eredivisie aficionado, but truthfully the only Dutch clubs I watch on a regular basis are those who take part in either the Champions or Europa Leagues.  Feyenoord - where Pelle has spent the last two seasons - are not amongst that number and so my knowledge of him is sketchy and comprises really of seeing him in extended highlights packages and on YouTube.

Clearly that’s not enough for a proper assessment, so instead here are some statistics - courtesy of Squawka‘s comparison matrix - from his 2013/14 alongside Lambert’s production from the same season.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 21.25.21

The usual rules apply: don’t take these statistics as ‘proof’ of anything and make sure you temper them with your knowledge of the comparative strengths of the two divisions.

They are interesting though, because they do hint at the respective strengths of each player and show what they’re capable of.  Additionally, it’s obviously worth remembering that Ronald Koeman created the environment within which Pelle achieved so much last year - the Dutchman knows exactly what he’s buying.


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