Swansea’s transfer aggression making Bayram Tutumlu look ever more silly 3


The genesis of the ruck between Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins and Michael Laudrup’s agent, Bayram Tutumlu, was over the latter’s claim that the club were not providing sufficient funds with which his client could improve the playing squad.

So far this Summer, the club have brought-in Jose Canas and Jordi Amat, and re-signed Jonathan de Guzman - in addition to which, they’re also supposedly close to deals for Wilfried Bony and Thomas Ince, and are simultaneously pursuing agreements with Liverpool and Lyon for Jonjo Shelvey and Bafetimbi Gomis.

That’s quite an ambitious Summer; this obviously isn’t a club who are just happy to be in the Premier League and are content knowing that their existing players are too good to be relegated, Swansea are clearly looking to make an impact in next season’s Europa League and to move further up the division domestically.

So, for want of a better phrase, what was Bayram Tutumlu’s problem?

At a guess - and please don’t take this as anything more than that - Tutumlu’s position in that argument with Jenkins was probably an attempt to create unrest between his client and the club. Plenty of sides in Swansea’s current position would be happy with their lot, and would allocate very few resources to improvement - so there’s no foundation to the claim that Huw Jenkins isn’t backing his manager financially, or that the club as a whole lack ambition.

Frankly, Tutumlu’s grievance looks ever more baseless by the week.

This is an agitator, and an agent who has a track-record of moving Michael Laudrup around Europe with as much frequency as possible - he was looking for an excuse to create disharmony, and the generic ‘not enough ambition’ complaint seems retrospectively to have been an attempt to do that.

He’s made himself look extremely foolish - or, at least, Huw Jenkins’ commitment to forward momentum is doing that.

Bayram, that’s the sound of your credibility flying out the window…

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