Arsenal vs Swansea: Individual Player Statistics 0

Arsenal should have left The Emirates last night with a morale-boosting comeback victory to their name, but Leon Britton’s late surge and Mathieu Flamini’s unfortunate positioning meant that it wasn’t to be. Here are the statistics from The Emirates: - Mikel Arteta had 108 touches, more than any other player. - Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Olivier(…)

Sympathy for Arsenal’s Man of Glass 3

There are lots of different articles which could be written about Arsenal at the moment, and there are numerous angles which could be taken with them - but it all feels a little stale. Even after just three days, enough has already been said about the defeat at Stamford Bridge and Arsene Wenger to make(…)

Arsenal, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and the over-complication of simple rules 1

The FA’s Independent Regulatory Commission handed down its judgement today on the mess which occurred at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. Kieran Gibbs’ red-card was transferred to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arsenal appealed the midfielder’s ban, and that appeal was upheld. Arsenal made the appeal on the basis that, although Oxlade-Chamberlain made a flagrant and spectacularly illegal attempt(…)

Opposing the contrived response to Andre Marriner’s Chelsea/Arsenal mistake 1

Andre Marriner made a colossal error during Chelsea’s game with Arsenal yesterday, and it should hopefully lead to some real questions about extending football’s use of technology in a bid to prevent the re-occurrence of such an embarrassing situation . What it should not lead to, however, is any kind of conversation which suggests that(…)

Arsenal and a collective, rather than managerial, failure 3

I expect to see a lot of this type of thing in the coming days: Piers Morgan doesn’t represent the average Arsenal fan, but many will presumably share his irritation after this afternoon’s result and the majority will probably pin it on Arsene Wenger. Realistically, though, when a side loses 6-0 it’s rarely because of(…)

Chelsea vs Arsenal: Individual Player Statistics 0

A really strange game, because although it was completely dominated by Chelsea they didn’t really play that well - they were good, but we’ve seen much better from them this season. Anyway, here are the statistics from Stamford Bridge after a humbling lunchtime defeat for Arsenal: - Cesar Azpilicueta had 88 touches, the most in(…)

Arsene Wenger: An icon of English football who represents more than we know 0

When Jose Mourinho made his ‘specialist in failure’ comment, it wasn’t just jarringly disrespectful because of what Wenger has achieved in English but also because of what the Frenchman represents within our domestic game. Modern football is about money and revolves almost entirely around a series of very wealthy men and extremely affluent families. Managers(…)

Arsenal: Key defensive graphics from White Hart Lane 1

We’ve already discussed how impressive Arsenal were defensively yesterday, and the performance of their back-four and protecting midfielders was what enabled them to take three points away from White Hart Lane. Here, courtesy of Squawka, are some key graphics from their backs-to-the-wall display in the North London derby: Follow @premleagueowl Free £25 bet for new(…)

Tottenham vs Arsenal: Individual Player Statistics 0

Arsenal completed a North London derby treble yesterday, as Tomas Rosicky’s wonderful goal gave them all the points at White Hart Lane - here are the statistics: - Younes Kaboul had 91 touches, the most in the game. - Nabil Bentaleb led the game with 4 shots. - Christian Eriksen created 3 goal-scoring opportunities, more(…)

Player to watch this weekend: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal) 0

Given how prone we are to over-hyping talent in this country, it’s staggering that more fuss isn’t made of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Danny Welbeck enjoys the reflected greatness of Manchester United, Jack Wilshere is spoken of in a way that should make him blush, and Theo Walcott’s absence from England’s World Cup party is seen as(…)

Tottenham vs Arsenal: Considerations 1

What an opportunity for Arsenal. With local derbies usually come a set of cliches: they’re ‘levelers’, ‘form goes out the window’ and ‘they’re anyone’s games’. Not on Sunday it won’t be, this is Arsenal’s game to lose. Tottenham are a non-side at the moment, destabilised to the point of parody by their manager’s naivety, the(…)

Mesut Ozil and the effect of negativity on a creative player 1

Pressure is a constant in a top-level sport, and football is no exception. Whether it be from the fans, the media, or in-built self-expectation, Premier League footballers week-in and week-out must do battle with a set of intangibles forces as well as the opposition they face. Beyond its general meaning, pressure can also relate to(…)

Applauding Lukas Fabianski’s performance for Arsenal last night 0

There are a couple of positives for Arsenal to take out of last night’s defeat, and one of them was the performance of Lukas Fabianski. The Pole will leave The Emirates in the Summer, so it’s maybe not a genuine ‘positive for Arsenal’, but Fabianski really boosted his reputation in the Allianz Arena. There’s no(…)

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil and an enormously disproportionate savaging 1

Mesut Ozil was substituted at half-time this evening with a hamstring injury - it was fairly evident from quite early in the game that his conditioning wasn’t right and so it was no surprise to see him replaced by Tomas Rosicky. Neither, sadly, was it a surprise to see this article from Neil Ashton. People(…)

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