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Arsenal & their weekend battle with an irritating set of intangibles 0

Chelsea are going to win the Premier League.  In the build-up to their game with Arsenal at the weekend, the Sky Sports presenters will lavish the fixture with the usual melodrama, claiming that it’s in some way decisive, but this season was over as a contest some time ago. Regardless, Arsenal’s recent form has been(…)

This Arsenal side has reached the end of its cycle 4

You can’t really talk about Arsenal without involving yourself in the debate surrounding Arsene Wenger.  Any criticism of a side’s performance - or long-term habits - is naturally associated with its manager and so detaching the two is impossible. But let’s do that for a minute. Quite evidently, Arsenal were shockingly naive against Monaco and(…)

Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal future isn’t reliant on the FA Cup 0

FA Cup finals are not what they once were, and the tournament’s prestige has been in gentle decline for the best part of two decades now.  It follows, then, that the old showpiece occasion of English football now needs to be laced with artificial intrigue - and this year, that’s centred around Arsene Wenger and(…)

Arsene Wenger must commit to a mental makeover at Arsenal if he is to stay 3

[AdSense-A] The next few months are already mapped-out for Arsenal supporters: first the debate about Arsene Wenger, then speculation over his new contract, and then finally a Summer dominated by transfer-rumours, ‘areas to address’ articles, and - probably - disappointment. The games remaining really are neither here nor here in relation to Wenger, because the(…)

Arsenal and a collective, rather than managerial, failure 3

I expect to see a lot of this type of thing in the coming days: Piers Morgan doesn’t represent the average Arsenal fan, but many will presumably share his irritation after this afternoon’s result and the majority will probably pin it on Arsene Wenger. Realistically, though, when a side loses 6-0 it’s rarely because of(…)

Arsene Wenger: An icon of English football who represents more than we know 0

When Jose Mourinho made his ‘specialist in failure’ comment, it wasn’t just jarringly disrespectful because of what Wenger has achieved in English but also because of what the Frenchman represents within our domestic game. Modern football is about money and revolves almost entirely around a series of very wealthy men and extremely affluent families. Managers(…)

Managerial mind-games: phoney wars 1

Mind games, mind games, mind games. You know that none of it’s real, right? Back in 1996, when Alex Ferguson bemoaned the tendency of some players to show extra effort against Manchester United than they would against other sides, Kevin Keegan was the last person on his mind. Ferguson cultivated a persecution complex at Old(…)

Arsenal do need to spend, but not to replace Theo Walcott

Arsenal do need to spend, but not to replace Theo Walcott 0

Arsene Wenger spoke today about the impact of Theo Walcott’s injury and the likely speculation which will arise from the hole that has been left in the squad. “Walcott’s injury has accelerated speculation first and of course my desire as well - but let’s not forget about Serge Gnabry who can play in the first(…)

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