Chelsea’s appeal of Nemanja Matic’s suspension needs to fail 13

Chelsea have appealed the red card given to Nemanja Matic over the weekend in the hope of overturning the suspension that currently rules him out of the league cup final. Anyone who has ever played football - at any level - has some sympathy for Matic.  Whilst the decision to send him off was unquestionably(…)

Discussing Nicolas Anelka’s ban & the reaction to it 0

The FA have issued their judgement over the Nicolas Anelka ‘quenelle’ gesture, and the French forward will serve a five-game ban and pay an £80,000 fine. According to the precis of judgement - the full written version will presumably follow shortly - The FA did not find that Anelka was antisemitic or that he intended(…)

Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway banned - rightly 2

Ian Holloway has been served with a two-game ban by The FA for, amongst other things, his comments about the referee’s performance during Crystal Palace’s game with Tottenham - there’s a full report on his offences here, courtesy of Sky Sports. Presumably, this will be one of the few times I say this in 2013/14,(…)

The repurcussions of Joey Barton ‘avoiding’ his ban 0

There’s been some talk today about Joey Barton possibly being farmed out on-loan to Fleetwood Town, which would account for his twelve game ban quicker than if he were to stay at QPR. Whether or not that happens we’ll have to see, but it’ll be interesting to see how the FA react if it does.(…)