Bayern Munich

Manchester United’s defensive performance (vs Bayern): Graphics 0

Defensive-discipline was the key at Old Trafford this evening, and Manchester United had it in spades. Bayern Munich, as expected, enjoyed vast amounts of possession - especially in the first-half - but Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand and the rest of David Moyes’ defensive unit kept their concentration really well. Yes they conceded in the end,(…)

Manchester United vs Bayern Munich: Individual Player Statistics 0

A hugely creditable performance from Manchester United, and although it may not have provided them with anything to protect in Germany next week their fans have every right to be proud of a very disciplined display at Old Trafford. Here are United’s statistics: - Antonio Valencia had 63 touches, the most of any home player.(…)

Bayern Munich vs Arsenal: Individual Player Statistics 0

There’s no value in patronising Arsenal and referring to their performance in Germany tonight as ‘plucky’, but they did give a good account of themselves and exited the Champions League gracefully. Here are their stats from the Allianz Arena: - Bacary Sagna had 60 touches of the ball, a team-high. - Lukas Podolski and Olivier(…)

Picking an Arsenal team for tonight in Germany 0

How do you climb a mountain like this? Arsenal head to Germany knowing that, in reality, they have very little to lose in the Allianz Arena - and actually maybe that’s liberating? Arsene Wenger will have to attack, on the basis that Bayern will presumably score at some point he will know that his side(…)

Bayern Munich a gift for the anti-Arsenal narrative 1

And here come Bayern Munich, right on time. The Germans arrive at The Emirates having appeared in both of the last two Champions League finals, as the reigning champions of their domestic league, and in the middle of a season in which they look, with no exaggeration, almost unbeatable. They have conceded just nine goals(…)

Bayern Munich vs Manchester City: Individual Player Statistics 0

Well…who had that on their betting coupon? Manchester City go to Germany and send a real message, not only beating the best team in Europe in their own stadium but doing so from a two-goal deficit. Here are their stats: - Pablo Zabaleta had a team-high 65 touches of the ball. - James Milner and(…)

Manchester City: Notes on Bayern Munich 0

What a game this could be, and it’s the kind of fixture which makes the Champions League so appealing. A couple of bits and pieces on Manchester City’s opponents this evening: Bayern Munich. Likely line-up: There aren’t many grey areas in that side, and we’ve all seen enough of Bayern to know what to expect,(…)

Calming Chelsea fears over David Luiz 0

Shaun Custs and The Sun lead their coverage today with a ‘World Exclusive’ about David Luiz, and Bayern Munich’s apparent interest in spending £40m on him. “Bayern were beaten 4-2 by arch-rivals Borussia Dortmund in the German Super Cup on Saturday. An insider revealed: “The performance exposed some weaknesses that Pep believes could be sorted(…)

Discounting reports of Jack Wilshere leaving Arsenal 0

The Metro - yes, I know - tried to get some attention on Sunday by printing a story about Jack Wilshere being of interest to new Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola. Supposedly, the midfielder is a ‘long-term transfer target’ for everyone’s favourite Spaniard. Presumably the response The Metro were going for was blind panic and(…)

An unlikely Arsenal exit for Laurent Koscielny 0

It’s amazing: every day, no matter what’s going on in the football world, manage to come up with an exclusive. Not just anything either, they always find something enticing about one of the well-supported clubs in England. How very fortunate. Today, they go with a story about Laurent Koscielny being of interest to the(…)

Bayern Munich tie is not the final barometer for Arsenal or Wenger 0

Search through the press today, and you’ll find about half-a-dozen different articles speculating on what defeat to Bayern Munich might do to Arsene Wenger; the Champions League last-16 tie is now being presented as some kind of acid-test for Arsenal and their manager. That’s really not the case. Win or lose, nothing really changes. Almost(…)

Manchester City linked with unlikely Arjen Robben bid 0

What do they say about ‘swap deals’? They never, ever happen - and in fact, any time you see them featuring in a transfer rumour, it should serve as a huge red flag. And add a second red flag if that same article appears in the Daily Star. Even so, the poor man’s version of(…)

Why Bastian Schweinsteiger is the ideal signing for Manchester City 1

This is a hypothetical situation, there’s no rumour-mongering going on here. Given Manchester City’s affluence, Roberto Mancini can essentially target any player in the world and have a realistic chance of convincing them to move to England. In fact, take Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi out of the equation, and there aren’t any players who(…)

Chelsea: Know your Bayern Munich for Saturday 0

Bayern Munich are one of those teams that are always lurking around the European elite - regardless of the personnel at the club, they’re always competitive. Unlike the La Liga behemoths, who are all as well-known to us as most Premier League teams, we tend not to pay too much attention to anything that happens(…)

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