Dancing with Colombia: Watching the exorcism

Dancing with Colombia: Watching the exorcism 10

The whole world seems to have fallen for Colombia at this World Cup.  Read through the British press this morning, and you will notice that most of the bilious England coverage has been replaced with odes to James Rodriguez, Juan Cuadrado and Los Cafeteros. It’s wonderful. England’s early dismissal from the tournament left us empty-hearted(…)

Rise of the Americas - the World Cup so far 0

Michael Foster discusses the strong showing from the American teams at this Summer’s World Cup…. Ah the sea! A natural wonder which has not only inspired poets, explorers and scientists, but has also proved to be the nemesis of the international footballer. Whenever a team is required to travel any distance over a significant stretch(…)

Twenty years later, Colombia smile at a World Cup again

Twenty years later, Colombia smile at a World Cup again 0

Okay, so Greece are not a good side and winning a group stage game is not an era-defining moment, but there was a feel of exorcism about Colombia’s win in Belo Horizonte this afternoon. Those of us beyond our mid-twenties will remember Colombia’s recent World Cup history, and will know that today’s win has been(…)

Colombia: It should be entertaining…

Colombia: It should be entertaining… 0

Pre-tournament, the one side I was most looking forward to watching was Colombia - and they start their World Cup today against Greece at 5pm. The South-Americans are probably not going to be a credible force during the latter stages, but they will be very entertaining while they last. They are a classic balance between(…)

Discussing Colombia’s chances at the World Cup 0

Every World Cup, there are always players who cross-over from being hipster-favourites to a household names, and Brazil 2014 will presumably be no different. The winners of the competition will almost certainly be one of either Spain or Brazil, but there are some are dark horses in this tournament who could either go a very(…)