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So why was Eric Dier ignored by so many English clubs?

So why was Eric Dier ignored by so many English clubs? 9

Eric Dier’s Tottenham career is so embryonic that it’s impossible to draw any meaningful conclusions from it.  He had a good game against West Ham on the opening day and was extremely impressive in both directions against Queens Park Rangers, but Premier League careers are not built on two fixtures and his positive start could(…)

Why Mauricio Pochettino might want to reject Tottenham

Why Mauricio Pochettino might want to reject Tottenham 9

Mauricio Pochettino and Tottenham are apparently mid-negotiation, and the Argentine is expected to be installed as the new manager at White Hart Lane imminently.  Pochettino’s work at Southampton makes him an excellent candidate, and his twin beliefs in attacking football and the merits of promoting youth will sit nicely with the Spurs supporters. From Tottenham’s(…)

Win percentage? Tottenham’s sacking of Tim Sherwood will be based on realities rather than numbers 6

“But look at my win percentage…” If you haven’t watched Tottenham play this season, maybe you could be excused for looking at their win/lose ratio under Tim Sherwood and concluding that he doesn’t deserve to be removed as manager. Maybe. Data - especially when it’s collected over a short period of time - can be(…)

Tim Sherwood clearly heading out of Tottenham despite the ambiguity 1

There’s now some confusion over Tim Sherwood’s position at Tottenham, with the club themselves refuting Sky Sports’ claim yesterday that the 45 year-old had already been informed that he would be removed in the Summer. That’s fine, but Sherwood’s reaction when quizzed about his future rather undermined that denial. If something had been made-up by(…)

Dressing-room leaks show the extent of Tottenham’s issues 10

As if yesterday’s humbling at Anfield wasn’t worrying enough for Tottenham fans, Matt Law reports in The Telegraph today that “there is concern with the squad that head coach Tim Sherwood is sending his team out without a plan B to revert to if the initial set-up does not work.” Ignoring the obvious irony of(…)