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Why Chelsea were still probably right to sell Daniel Sturridge 10

The more goals that Daniel Sturridge scores for Liverpool and the better his form gets, the more people are questioning Chelsea’s decision to sell him. In fact, any Chelsea fan who claims that the club were right to part ways with Sturridge seems to branded as an apologist for their team’s transfer-policy. There is, however,(…)

Player to watch this weekend: Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) 1

Whilst the Merseyside derby was a huge personal success for Daniel Sturridge, it did end with some negativity: a horrible penalty, a mild confrontation with Luis Suarez, and an apparent disagreement with Brendan Rodgers. Post-game, Sturridge said and did all the right things and apologised for any offence that he may have caused, but it(…)

Liverpool: Discussing Brendan Rodgers’ handling of Daniel Sturridge 2

Daniel Sturridge’s move to Liverpool has so far unquestionably been a success, and as such Brendan Rodgers deserves recognition for how he’s handled the player over the past twelve months. Prior to his Anfield move, Sturridge was thought of as just another English player who had an ego beyond his accomplishments, and at Liverpool that(…)

Discussing Liverpool’s second goal from Saturday 2

A couple of days later than planned, but a quick word about Daniel Sturridge’s goal on Saturday. I don’t wish to take anything away from Sturridge, because from the position above he has a lot to do to score - and he does take the goal absolutely brilliantly - but just a quick word about(…)

Daniel Sturridge’s growing maturity at Liverpool 1

Just quickly, because I’ll be discussing Liverpool’s performance in more depth later this morning… Daniel Sturridge has obviously started the season really well, but what’s more pleasing than his form is his growing maturity - this isn’t the same player who left Chelsea, instead it’s someone who seems to have grasped how to use his(…)

Statistics & graphics from Daniel Sturridge’s start to the season at Liverpool 0

You can’t really argue with Daniel Sturridge’s start to the season: he’s scored all of his side’s goals, and has produced decisive moments in all three of Liverpool’s games in 2013/14. Very impressive - here are some bits and pieces from his year-to-date: - Has started all three games. - Has scored 3 goals. -(…)

A detail about Daniel Sturridge’s goal for Liverpool at the weekend 1

A bit late, so apologies for that, but the transfer window rather got in the way of looking back on the weekend’s goals. Daniel Sturridge’s header - and ultimately winner - against Manchester United. A lot of people have talked about how good Sturridge’s movement is during this, and how static the United defenders are,(…)

Discussing Daniel Sturridge’s winner for Liverpool today 1

A common theme on this site in the past has been criticism of Daniel Sturridge’s tendency to overplay when he’s on the ball - he takes too many touches, he takes on too many defenders, and, subsequently, he sacrifices too many opportunities to his self-indulgence. Last week against Stoke, he showed exactly how effective he(…)

Discussing Daniel Sturridge’s goal for Liverpool against Stoke 0

Although Liverpool could well have had four or five, Daniel Sturridge’s first-half goal won them the game at Anfield this afternoon, and it’s the type of goal he should score a lot more of. Sturridge is an extremely talented player, and the combination of his technique and his blistering pace are deadly when used correctly(…)

Fantasy picks: Daniel Sturridge - Liverpool 0

As any Fantasy Football regular will know, there’s really not much value to be had at the forward position - but maybe that’s difference this year. Because of the uncertainty around Luis Suarez’s future, spending £9m on Daniel Sturridge seems like a very shrewd move, especially when you remember that, even if the Uruguayan stays,(…)

How Daniel Sturridge can bring the most out of Philippe Coutinho at Liverpool 1

I’ve been really critical of Daniel Sturridge at times, so it’s only right to comment on how good he was for Liverpool yesterday. He was terrific, and he managed to find a perfect balance between his trickery and the more direct attributes he possesses. His third goal yesterday… There are two obvious points to make:(…)

Manchester United vs Liverpool: Thoughts from Old Trafford 1

Today was Liverpool’s season in a microcosm: they played well for part of the game, but lost the points in what they didn’t do for the rest of it. Had they performed at the level they did for half-an-hour of the second half, then they would have had something to show for their performance. Daniel(…)

Daniel Sturridge’s stay at Liverpool destined to be brief 51

Step-over, step-over, step-over, tap-in, silly dancing, step-over, give the ball away. I loathe Daniel Sturridge, and I’ve made no great secret of why. He’s the archetypal modern British footballer, who brazenly wears an entitlement that he has no right to display. “I’m a footballer, I’m a footballer, I play for Chelsea, look at me.” Not(…)

Daniel Sturridge ready for Liverpool, but media create a cloud over the move 0

It’s all about ‘advancing a story’. Everyone with a passing interest in the game has known that Daniel Sturridge has been heading to Liverpool, and last night it was confirmed that the player would be having a medical at Anfield today. Instead of reporting that, some of our press have tried to add new details(…)

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