Fabian Delph for England? 0

Richard Davies discusses Fabian Delph’s England credentials ahead of the World Cup… The question of who will play alongside Steven Gerrard in Brazil has been hotly-debated over the last few months. Should Wilshere get the nod? Can Henderson replicate league-form alongside his captain? Can we burn Tom Cleverley’s passport? One man who has recently caught(…)

Southampton’s Jay Rodriguez has an obvious value to England 1

Southampton’s Adam Lallana is now a consensus pick for England’s World Cup squad, and almost everybody has signed-off on just how valuable a player he has become. But maybe that has come at the cost of some recognition for his club teammate Jay Rodriguez? When Rodriguez made his England debut before Christmas he looked nervy(…)

Adam Johnson providing an unwitting self-critique with his England beliefs 2

The Guardian‘s Louise Taylor recently conducted an interview with Sunderland’s Adam Johnson, and it made very interesting reading. Johnson was discussing the issue of players being overlooked by England on the basis of the clubs they played for and he made a series of very relevant points which are more than fair - unfortunately, he(…)

Kyle Walker’s England World Cup place not particularly secure 0

We’re close enough to the World Cup now for various squad-selector tools to be available and for the first journalists to have already picked their preferred twenty-three for the tournament. What’s interesting is that almost every ‘squad’ I’ve seen to-date has both Glen Johnson and Kyle Walker going to Brazil. For all intents and purposes,(…)

Jack Wilshere losing his grip on an England starting spot 0

If you were trying to make a case for Jack Wilshere starting against Italy in Manaus, what would you say? What would you certain your argument around? That Wilshere is talented is not really up for debate, but his ability to use his attributes certainly is - especially in an England shirt. None of Roy(…)

Rare ambition makes Adam Lallana important to England 1

The temptation this morning is to overstate Adam Lallana’s importance to England, and to exaggerate how much of an impact he’s capable of having in Brazil. England have spend the last however many decades searching for ‘the answer’ to a series of perpetual questions, and realistically the Southampton isn’t particularly relevant to any of them(…)

Discussing Sol Campbell’s claims about the England captaincy 1

Obviously the big story this morning concerns Sol Campbell’s allegations about the Football Association and his belief that he would have been England captain for ten years had he been white. It would be simple to dismiss Campbell’s comments and attribute them to post-career bitterness, but there is an anomaly here and it is quite(…)

‘Protest’ reaction to Tom Cleverley’s England call-up is an embarrassment 4

Tom Cleverley is extremely fortunate to have been included in the England squad for the upcoming friendly with Denmark, and his undeniably been very suspect this season. But petitions requesting that he be ‘banned’ from representing his country are ludicrous. That’s shameful; regardless of how good a football player Tom Cleverley is, remember that this(…)

England: Line-up options for the World Cup 0

Sky Sports subscribers who haven’t already seen last night’s edition of The Footballers’ Football Show should probably try and catch it at some point - it’s actually - and unusually for Sky - a very informative program and it does shed some new light on the preparation which goes into a major tournament. Anyway… Qualifying(…)

But didn’t you practice penalties? 0

It amazes me that this question still gets asked whenever England eliminated from an international tournament. Similarly, great lengths are always gone to in order to stress the importance of penalties to a manager before a World Cup or European Championship - and presumably the same will be true for Roy Hodgson over the coming(…)

England suited to World Cup underdog tag 0

There’s something in the British psyche which embraces the underdog. If you’ve watched any of the Winter Olympics, no doubt you’ll have noticed just how excited we are by a bronze medal, any performance without embarrassment or even a certificate for taking part. Golds are for other countries, it’s not really our business to care(…)

Still preferring Chelsea’s Ashley Cole to Luke Shaw in Brazil 0

Roy Hodgson spoke effusively about Southampton’s Luke Shaw this week, leading to the assumption that he’ll be included in the England squad for the upcoming friendly with Denmark at the beginning of March. Whilst it certainly makes sense to reward Shaw for his season-to-date, it seems incredibly unlikely that Hodgson would opt to carry three(…)

Chelsea’s John Terry, England, and some tactical journalism 0

Who didn’t see this coming? We’re getting closer to the World Cup, and we’re starting to see more stories about John Terry’s potential involvement - the latest being this from Neil Ashton in The Mail. “Roy Hodgson has ended John Terry’s dream of returning to the England team for the World Cup. The England head(…)

England U-turn not in Chelsea’s or John Terry’s interests 0

As we get closer to the World Cup, John Terry is probably going to become a more frequently discussed topic and the issue of his non-availability for England will become increasingly relevant. The issue between Terry and England is complicated, and his relationship with The FA was forever altered by the Anton Ferdinand situation, and(…)

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