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No need to sneer at Bradford, Reading or anything that happened at Valley Parade 5

Bradford City’s FA Cup quarter-final against Reading was given a bit of shoeing over the weekend.  The goalless draw at Valley Parade failed to provide a decisive outcome and the standard of the football led to much social media chuntering. In a way, though, the drone of complaints rather emphasised how detached we have all(…)

Arsenal: Wembley was a nice day out, not a barometer of the future

Arsenal: Wembley was a nice day out, not a barometer of the future 1

“The whole club and the fans were under pressure for not having won for years.  This will help to get that off our shoulders a little bit and focus on getting stronger.” That was a champagne-drenched Arsene Wenger after Arsenal’s FA Cup victory on Saturday night. It’s reassuring to hear Wenger speak like that because(…)

Arsenal vs Hull: Individual Player Statistics 1

Arsenal finally end their trophy-drought and mercifully bring an end to all the jokes about their lack of recent silverware. Here are the statistics from Wembley as Arsene Wenger finally gets his hands back on the FA Cup: - Aaron Ramsey had 131 touches, the most in the game. - Aaron Ramsey also had more(…)

Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal future isn’t reliant on the FA Cup 0

FA Cup finals are not what they once were, and the tournament’s prestige has been in gentle decline for the best part of two decades now.  It follows, then, that the old showpiece occasion of English football now needs to be laced with artificial intrigue - and this year, that’s centred around Arsene Wenger and(…)

Arsenal, celebration-gate, and a no-win situation 0

[AdSense-A]   Over the past year, Arsenal’s players have been the subject of significant derision for two moments of celebration: in the dressing-room after securing fourth-place last season, and on the Wembley turf yesterday following their penalty shoot-out victory over Wigan. Wigan are a Championship side and Arsenal needed penalties to beat them - if(…)

Nostalgia: Oxford United vs Chelsea - 1999 0

There’s no denying that domestic competitions have had their importance eroded by continental football, and so maybe the true romance of the FA Cup only really exists retrospectively. In 1999, a pre-Roman Abramovich Chelsea traveled to Oxford’s Manor Ground for a third-round tie which looked routine. The hosts were a club in crisis; debt-ridden and(…)

Manchester City undone by mentality rather than romance 0

“The magic of the cup is alive and well. Who says romance in football is dead?” The chances are that, if you’ve spent any time on Twitter in the last twelve hours, you’ll have read something like that in relation to Wigan’s win at Manchester City yesterday. None of what I’m about to say is(…)

Arsenal vs Everton: Individual Player Statistics 0

Arsenal looked far more fluid today than they have done in weeks and, although the scoreline was probably a little harsh on Everton, they progressed through to the next round relatively easily in the end. Here are the stats from The Emirates: - Mikel Arteta had 82 touches of the ball, the most in the(…)

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