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Chelsea’s John Terry, England, and some tactical journalism 0

Who didn’t see this coming? We’re getting closer to the World Cup, and we’re starting to see more stories about John Terry’s potential involvement - the latest being this from Neil Ashton in The Mail. “Roy Hodgson has ended John Terry’s dream of returning to the England team for the World Cup. The England head(…)

England U-turn not in Chelsea’s or John Terry’s interests 0

As we get closer to the World Cup, John Terry is probably going to become a more frequently discussed topic and the issue of his non-availability for England will become increasingly relevant. The issue between Terry and England is complicated, and his relationship with The FA was forever altered by the Anton Ferdinand situation, and(…)

Discussing the prospect of John Terry leaving Chelsea 0

There’s a story in The Mail this morning about new Galatasary manager Roberto Mancini potentially attempting to bring John Terry to Turkey during the January transfer window. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know, but it’s a very unrealistic objective. Terry is out-of-contract in the Summer, but don’t expect that to remain the case(…)

Reasons why…John Terry shouldn’t be Chelsea’s next manager 0

The more sensible amongst you won’t need to read this list, but for those who rather like the idea of John Terry moving from the pitch to the dug-out, here are a couple of points to consider: - Terry may love the club he plays for, and may well have been entirely devoted to Chelsea’s(…)

Revisiting the alleged ruck at Chelsea, which wasn’t in any way fictitious 0

On Sunday, I wrote this about Mark Irwin’s Pulitzer-bothering piece on the alleged dressing room ruck between Rafa Benitez and John Terry which supposedly occurred at St James’ Park. “Anonymous sources are great, aren’t they? It doesn’t matter what they say, they’re impossible to refute and they can be used to prop-up even the flimsiest(…)

A good old-fashioned mutiny at Chelsea 0

I wonder what The Sun‘s Mark Irwin would do without Rafael Benitez, because the only stories he seems to write now are about the Spaniard and his deteriorating relationships with various people at Chelsea. It’s really, really, really interesting. You may remember Irwin’s article from a couple of days ago, when he tried to translate(…)

More anti-Benitez propaganda at Chelsea 0

Chelsea fans really don’t need much encouragement to dislike Rafa Benitez, but The Sun is intent on giving it to them. Here’s the headline from Mark Irwin’s intentionally-misleading article this morning: “Who needs John Terry?” …and the opening paragraph: “RAFA BENITEZ has risked a big fall-out with John Terry by warning: You’re not guaranteed a(…)

Dismissing rumours of John Terry leaving Chelsea for Valencia 3

So a ‘FIFA-registered’ agent has come out on record to claim that John Terry is plotting a move away from Chelsea. The Mirror are reporting that Francois Gallardo has been party to negotiations between the player and Spanish side Valencia. Okay then… Right, firstly, being a FIFA-registered agent is not quite the stamp of authenticity(…)

If John Terry is stripped of the Chelsea captaincy, what happens next? 4

Roberto Di Matteo gave a very terse, non-committing response to questions in his Friday press conference about whether John Terry would remain as club captain at Chelsea - no confirmation or denial. In football, maybe tends to mean ‘no’. So if Terry is to be stripped of the captaincy, then what happens next? Surely, using(…)

Chelsea dropping the ball with their John Terry punishment 0

Today is red letter day, I actually agree with something written by Rob Beasley. Beasley, Chelsea fan, gives his club a hammering in his Sun column for the way they’ve handled the John Terry situation. The combination of the ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards racism, and the fine given to Terry for the Anton Ferdinand incident(…)

The game needs to take responsibility for Ashley Cole, John Terry and the rest of this generation 0

Toxic Twins, Gruesome Twosome…there are some ever so clever collective nicknames for John Terry and Ashley Cole popping up in the press today. While it’s definitely fair that both players are being vilified in the way that they now are, there’s a point at which football society has to take responsibility for this. We are(…)

The FA goes soft on John Terry, sets awful precedent 0

Let me run you through a series of similar situations, and recap how The FA decided to retrospectively deal with them. Joey Barton charged with violent conduct for his actions during the final game of last season - 12-game ban. Luis Suarez charged with racially abusing Patrice Evra - 8-game ban. Teflon John Terry charged(…)

Marcell Desailly weighing-in on John Terry & The FA 2

Marcell Desailly has been speaking out over The FA/John Terry tedium, and shockingly he comes down in favour of his ex-Chelsea teammate - which gives further credence to the theory that there are no real opinions in football, just groups of people separated by club loyalty. Desailly also took the chance to have a rather(…)

John Terry ignoring his own role in England downfall 3

“I feel the FA, in pursuing charges against me where I have already been cleared in a court of law, have made my position untenable” The FA have made your position untenable, John? Really, have they - are you sure that this wasn’t just a situation that you created for yourself? John Terry retired from(…)

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