Jose Mourinho

Chelsea heading for a season of perfect failure 3

Nobody will be arguing this morning that Chelsea were unlucky to be eliminated last night, because they were clearly overcome by a superior, fresher side. Diego Simeone’s players thoroughly deserved their win on the night and their victory across the two legs - even Jose Mourinho wouldn’t contest that. Mourinho has a default response to(…)

Jose Mourinho now jumping sharks every week 0

“Oh he’s just deflecting attention away from his players - he’s taking the pressure off them.” Is he really? Jose Mourinho’s outbursts of petulance are always afforded special treatment and almost without exception they’re interpreted by the outside world as part of some elaborate masterplan. Think about this, though: what would your reaction have been(…)

Querying this season’s impact on the Abramovich/Mourinho alliance at Chelsea 0

[AdSense-A] Jose Mourinho is not in the same category as the many Chelsea managers who came after and before him, and his CV and his relationship with the club’s fans make him naturally more secure in his position. While there’s no suggestion whatsoever that the Portuguese could be in any way vulnerable this Summer, the(…)

Jose Mourinho going round in circles with Fernando Torres 0

[AdSense-A] Jose Mourinho was asked about Fernando Torres in his weekend press-conference this morning, and he tried very hard to appear as if he’s right behind the Spaniard and working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to help the out-of-form forward recover his reputation. “Does he have a future? Yes, he has. He is under contract, he’s a good(…)

Jose Mourinho is becoming the character he once only pretended to be 1

The modern day Jose Mourinho really is quite different to the 2004 version. When the Portuguese first arrived in England, he exhibited many of the same personality traits that he still carries now, but there was something less cynical and self-orientated about his character. In 2004 he was acting out a role and playing-up to(…)

Does Romelu Lukaku have a future at Chelsea? 0

One of the forgotten narratives of the season was late-2013’s inquest into why Romelu Lukaku was allowed to leave Stamford Bridge. The Belgian was scoring goals for Everton at a time when Fernando Torres, Demba Ba and Samuel Eto’o were producing precious little collectively, and Chelsea were derided for letting him spend another year on-loan.(…)

Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho revealing his inner control-freak 0

Jose Mourinho was recently taped having a private - and fairly derogatory - chat with a sponsor about the state of Chelsea’s forward-line, and he’s reacted furiously to a French broadcaster publicly airing the conversation. Everyone has either read or heard his comments now, and realistically there’s nothing particularly scandalous about any of it. Regardless,(…)

Managerial mind-games: phoney wars 1

Mind games, mind games, mind games. You know that none of it’s real, right? Back in 1996, when Alex Ferguson bemoaned the tendency of some players to show extra effort against Manchester United than they would against other sides, Kevin Keegan was the last person on his mind. Ferguson cultivated a persecution complex at Old(…)

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