Leighton Baines

Leighton Baines shouldn’t be considered for a wide-midfield role with England 0

Will Quinn weighs-in on the growing desire to see Leighton Baines play at left-midfield for England… England have lacked a left-sided midfielder for what seems like forever, and finding creative solutions to the problem has become a bit of a national hobby. Managers have sometimes tried shoehorning their best players out there with Scholes and(…)

Chelsea’s Ashley Cole still the natural pick for Roy Hodgson

Chelsea’s Ashley Cole still the natural pick for Roy Hodgson 0

It’s not fair to judge Leighton Baines’ England-suitability purely on last night’s game with Chile, because he was one of several players who badly under-performed - but still, nothing he’s done for the national team recently is reason to believe that Ashley Cole’s position is under threat. I think of some of narrative around this(…)

Leighton Baines’ performance for Everton against West Ham 0

If you haven’t already seen this game, and you haven’t watched Leighton Baines’ free-kicks, then I won’t spoil them for you - let’s just say that they’re special, and that Match of the Day is probably worth watching for them alone. Here’s a quick statistical look at Baines’ all-round performance: - Had 73 total touches(…)

Fabio Coentrao becoming more logical for Manchester United 0

David Moyes’ arrival at Manchester United was always going to lead to speculation about Leighton Baines following him to Old Trafford, and it does in fact seem as if a bid was lodged with Everton last week. Patrice Evra has maybe one season left as a first-choice left-back at Manchester United’s level of the game,(…)

Leighton Baines, Manchester United, Everton, and the guessing game

Leighton Baines, Manchester United, Everton, and the guessing game 0

This article from The Sun is a good example of what the immediate future holds for the rumours around Leighton Baines future. The Everton full-back was reportedly the subject of a £12m bid from Manchester United yesterday, which Everton predictably rejected, and that will encourage dozens of journalists to take a guess at what Everton’s(…)

Must-win day for Everton, for the sake of their future progression

Must-win day for Everton, for the sake of their future progression 0

Fans of over/under markets will be interested to know that in the three previous fixtures between these two sides at Carrow Road, both teams have scored at least twice. What started out as such a promising season for Everton it sliding towards comparative disappointment. Of course, given the financial restrictions at Goodison Park, Champions League(…)

Everton’s Leighton Baines & the return of the awesomely tedious Manchester United rumour 3

Take it from me: the easiest way to attract people to a football website is just to continuously publish flakey transfer-rumours. Link a well-known player to a well-supported club, and you will be in business. Conversely, write a 2,000 word think-piece on the merits of one formation versus another, and the vast majority will simply(…)

Everton: Interesting statistics from 2012/13

Everton: Interesting statistics from 2012/13 0

For all intents and purposes, David Moyes has cured his side’s nasty habit of starting seasons slowly and leaving themselves too much ground to make up after Christmas. A strong 2013 should see Everton in contention for Champions League qualification, which would be a deserved reward for the work Moyes has done at Goodison Park(…)

Leighton Baines again linked with Manchester United 0

This hasn’t got boring at all, has it? The Express this morning are again linking Everton full-back Leighton Baines with a move to Manchester United, and have pulled the ever unlikely player-swap deal out as their logic. Do the press not get this yet? Anytime the exchange deal theory appers, the bullshit klaxon goes off(…)

Leighton Baines deserves an England chance regardless of Ashley Cole

Leighton Baines deserves an England chance regardless of Ashley Cole 0

Within the next few days, we’ll learn what The FA plans to do with Ashley Cole. Naturally, because he’s an England regular they’ll be softer on him than they would another player, but unfortunately raging against that kind of favouritism is futile. Most likely outcome? They’ll issue a plastic sanction against him: rule him unavailable(…)

Manchester United’s move for Leighton Baines makes little sense 1

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that the reports of Manchester United’s interest in Leighton Baines are accurate, and that Sir Alex Ferguson is interested in the Everton full-back. This isn’t a good move, and that’s one of the main reasons to question its authenticity - it just doesn’t fit in with United’s trasnfer(…)

Everton miss out on Daniel Pranjic 0

Maybe ‘miss out’ isn’t the right phrase… Given the quotes from the player, it seemed only a matter of time before Daniel Pranjic signed for Everton. He was ‘honoured’ to be linked with a club of their stature and history, and only a couple of days ago he was still speaking as if an agreement(…)

Daniel Pranjic moving closer to Everton 0

This would be an outstanding bit of business by David Moyes. Daniel Pranjic, the Croatian wide midfielder recently released by Bayern Munich, has given a pretty clear indication of where he might land next - England and Everton: I am honoured that such a successful coach wants to sign me, and would be honoured to(…)

Leighton Baines & his refreshing attitude 0

Leighton Baines’ name has been bandied about the gossip columns this Summer, and every paper in the country has at some point printed a salacious story about the left-back being wanted by Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford. Doubtless, as all fans do when one of their players is linked with a move to Manchester(…)

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