Nani, Manchester United and perpetual stagnation 0

Manchester United have this evening reached an agreement with Sporting Lisbon for Argentine defender Marcos Rojo, and as part of the deal Nani will be moving to the Portuguese side initially on-loan. Although they’re doubtless disappointed to be losing Rojo, the Sporting fans will presumably be relatively happy with that transfer and will be pleased to(…)

Manchester United & Nani: The long goodbye 0

A couple of days ago, I wrote about Adnan Januzaj and how impressed I was with his footballing intelligence and the manner in which he deploys his technical ability - and nobody was ever in any danger of writing anything similar about Nani. There are reports everywhere today that the Portuguese winger is free to(…)

Nani?s performance for Manchester United: Stats and graphics

Nani’s performance for Manchester United: Stats and graphics 0

Well, look who turned up to play tonight… Nani’s form slumped into a malaise quite a while ago, but he was excellent in Germany tonight and actually produced a defensive contribution as well. Yes, really. Here are his stats: - Played all 90 minutes. - Had 58 touches of the ball. - Had 3 shots,(…)

Nani, Manchester United, and warranted criticism 0

Manchester United fans were less than generous with their reception when Nani was substituted on Saturday, and David Moyes has since shown his support for the player - even if, privately, he recongised that the Portuguese was extremely average against Stoke City. Here’s the problem with Nani: he never gets any better, and approaching his(…)

Incendiary headlines, Manchester United, and the need to let the Nani decision go 1

When Luis Nani was sent-off on Tuesday night, I - like many other people - thought it unjust. If you want to relive me getting progressively more upset, then please feel free to run along to Twitter and scroll back a couple of days on my timeline. It ruined the game, it probably cost Manchester(…)

A problem of width at Manchester United 0

Manchester United lost yesterday, which obviously means the usual flow of post-mortems this morning, and probably quite a few of them will fixate on the issues in midfield. That will be completely fair, too, because it is a problem area - but nobody is going to write anything about that which hasn’t already been said(…)

An exit route for Nani from Manchester United 0

Apparently AC Milan are showing an interest in Manchester United winger Nani, according to The Metro at least. If it’s a choice between letting him to Italy and giving him a new contract, Sir Alex Ferguson should carry the Portuguese to the San Siro. The rumours are probably based on very little actual fact -(…)

Notes from Sunday afternoon 0

Starting with another moan about Sky’s game selection policy, was Chelsea Vs Blackpool really the highlight of the week’s games? Traditionally the 4pm slot has been reserved for the marquee game, the one that interests even neutral fans. With all due respect to Blackpool, it was never going to be a contest. After 90 seconds(…)

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