Nemanja Vidic

Nemanja Vidic’s Manchester United performance: Graphics 0

There’s not much to say after that game, because there were very few areas of real interest and certainly no performances of any great significance. That being said, Nemanja Vidic was a solid presence throughout the night, and at least he contributed to the scoreline in a positive way. Here are his graphics, courtesy of(…)

Defending Manchester United’s Nemanja Vidic from some absurd criticism 1

So, Martin Keown wants some attention. He’s clearly starting to feel at home at The Daily Mail, because today he has an Adrian Durham-style swing at Manchester United’s departing captain Nemanja Vidic. “I was stunned to hear that Nemanja Vidic will be leaving Manchester United at the end of the season. It looks as though(…)

Vidic’s departure affords David Moyes an opportunity at Manchester United 0

Nemanja Vidic announced yesterday that he will leave Manchester United when his contract expires in the Summer, and that he will be moving overseas to finish his career. Whilst Vidic is obviously an outstanding defender and the side’s captain, his departure is probably not completely unwelcome for David Moyes, who will now get the opportunity(…)

Nemanja Vidic unlikely to leave Manchester United, despite rumours 0

Manchester United fans take heart, the rumour linking Nemanja Vidic with a move away from Old Trafford is from - and you know what that means. “Manchester United captain Nemanja Vidic is at the top of AC Milan’s summer wishlist and the Red Devils are willing to entertain offers, can reveal. With a(…)

Nemanja Vidic again linked with a move away from Manchester United 0

No, not happening. What’s the easiest way to create a transfer story around the future of an elite player? Link him with a super affluent club, and hope that the abundance of wealth makes the rumour more believable. And who’s the one club that most people believe would throw money at any player? Anzhi Makhachkala.(…)

Good Referee/Bad Referee 0

Determining the abilities of individual referees is a difficult process, but yesterday’s action provided a perfect basis for performing such a comparison. Two similar incidents, two different outcomes, and two contrasting conclusions about the referees involved. At St Andrews, Ramires crumples in the home penalty area under the weight of a perfectly timed challenge from(…)