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In decline?  No, Southampton have never looked better

In decline? No, Southampton have never looked better 18

The internet, as we all know, is a fertile breeding ground for alarmist, knee-jerk opinions.  If something happens - anywhere, in any context - the chances are that several thousand people will respond instantaneously with a thundering generalisation.  The best opinion is the quickest, and the most accurate is always the loudest - in football(…)

Sorry Mr Scudamore, but that’s just not good enough

Sorry Mr Scudamore, but that’s just not good enough 1

Yesterday, the Premier League decided that no further action would be taken against Richard Scudamore and that his involvement in the recent email scandal did not compromise his ability to continue as their Chief Executive. Part of Scudamore’s defence seems to be a deflection tactic, and it has been argued that the information obtained by(…)

Separating players from their personalities? An overly-romantic ideal 0

Michael Dawson the person is a shining example of professionalism, but Michael Dawson the Tottenham centre-back is a declining force.  Ask a Tottenham fan what he or she thinks of the creaking defender, and any criticism will be tempered by praise of Dawson’s commitment or application. It’s interesting - yet natural - that the type(…)

The Premier League, substandard content provision, and dodgy streams 0

Ben Weeks on the provision and standard of The Premier League’s content… Today I got drawn into an interesting dilemma, which I’ll explain briefly before raising my point. I saw the news from ‘Sky Sources’ - no, sorry - Twitter, that 101 Great Goals looks likely to be closed down. I moved past that fairly(…)

Arsenal: Squad statistics

Arsenal: Squad statistics 0

…yes, more statistics. Here are Arsenal’s category-leaders from the first eleven games of the season: - Olivier Giroud, Wojciech Szczesny, and Kieran Gibbs are the only players to have appeared in all 11 Premier League games. - Aaron Ramsey is the top-scorer with 6 goals. - Aaron Ramsey, Olivier Giroud, and Mesut Ozil have each(…)

Deeply disappointed in Swansea City

Deeply disappointed in Swansea City 2

You won’t find a bigger admirer of what Swansea City have done in recent years than me, and I’m full of admiration for both their ownership model and the football they play, but yesterday they let themselves down badly. During the week, I strongly fancied Michael Laudrup’s team to go to Cardiff and win, theorising(…)

Joe Allen discussing his Liverpool future but ignoring an obvious problem

Joe Allen discussing his Liverpool future but ignoring an obvious problem 2

Joe Allen is reportedly going to be included in the Liverpool squad this weekend, which will be his first involvement since getting injured in August. Prior to that, he’s been talking about what he has to do to be a more regular part of Brendan Rodgers’ side: “I can get involved more in the creative(…)

Tottenham vs Chelsea: Early questions and thoughts

Tottenham vs Chelsea: Early questions and thoughts 3

There’s a really interesting Premier League weekend coming-up, so forgive me for looking beyond the League Cup matches tonight and tomorrow and towards White Hart Lane on Saturday lunchtime - beyond the Bobby Robson narrative, this is a fascinating game in theory. Here are some early questions: - Given how much space and influence Juan(…)

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa: Individual Player Stats

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa: Individual Player Stats 0

There’s nothing to say from an Arsenal perspective, because this kind of result just isn’t good enough considering the resources and personnel that are available. Terrific for Villa though, and the best possible start for Paul Lambert’s side. Here are the statistics from The Emirates: - Aaron Ramsey led the game with 110 touches of(…)

Premier League Preview 2013/14 – Champions League Places

Premier League Preview 2013/14 - Champions League Places 0

As discussed here, the biggest contest in the league will probably be for the three remaining Champions League places behind Manchester City - so here’s a projected run-down of second to fourth. 2nd - Chelsea While Jose Mourinho doesn’t whitewash enough of Chelsea’s frailties to make them into a genuine title-contender, they are the closest(…)

Fulham: Quietly getting better

Fulham: Quietly getting better 2

Whenever a side does the majority of its transfer business earlier in the Summer, there’s a tendency for a fanbase to become restless while they watch the flurry of activity at other clubs during July and August. Quite obviously, by the time 2012/13 finished, Martin Jol knew full-well what his side’s principal issues where and(…)

Chelsea have not done enough in this transfer window 3

Generally, the bookmakers are currently offering 12/5 on either Manchester City or Chelsea winning the Premier League, making them joint favourites ahead of Manchester United at 7/2. That’s amazing - and it’s also on the assumption that Wayne Rooney does not move to Stamford Bridge before the end of the current transfer window. Betting odds(…)

Why Manchester City were right to duck Edinson Cavani’s transfer fee 1

Maybe a couple of years ago, when Manchester City were at their most aggressive in the transfer market, they would have agreed to Aurelio Di Laurentiis’ £54m price-tag for Edinson Cavani. Five years removed from Sheik Mansour’s acquisition and transformation of the club, the need to go above and beyond for top-class talent isn’t quite(…)

Arsenal & Tottenham a ‘no’ for David Villa 1

How many times over the past few months have you read about David Villa’s apparent desire to play in the Premier League? It seems as if every transfer rumour relating to him contains a reference to that ambition. That ‘ambition’ which, seemingly, is no existent. Here’s a snippet from “As the 31-year-old was exiting(…)

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