Rademel Falcao

Manchester United, Radamel Falcao and a celebrated decline 0

The world doesn’t need another article detailing the differences between Radamel Falcao’s Atletico Madrid pomp and his current state, but it’s interesting to note just how loving the descriptions of his decline are. In any normal situation, all of this coverage would be asterisked by the difficulties which players inevitably face during their recovery from(…)

Reprinted stories about Chelsea and Radamel Falcao

Reprinted stories about Chelsea and Radamel Falcao 0

International weekends are horribly dull, there’s nothing to talk about or debate. Spare a thought though for the papers, because they still have to manufacture some content to publish. One of the best ways of doing that is by just republishing old content, or stealing it from another source - which is what John Cross(…)