Raheem Sterling


Raheem Sterling’s influence on Manchester City

Raheem Sterling was not a headlining part of Manchester City’s comprehensive win over Chelsea yesterday afternoon and neither did he produce any truly game-defining moments. That was to be expected….


Raheem Sterling fits the jigsaw at Manchester City

When Jesus Navas signed for Manchester City, back in the Summer of 2013, the Spaniard was expected to provide an extra dimension to his new side.  During his time at…


Liverpool & Raheem Sterling: No winners

This has to be resolved. Raheem Sterling no longer wants to play for Liverpool and, regardless of whether that sentiment is likely to change or not, the fracture in the…


The Raheem Sterling situation & the futility of being a football supporter

The Raheem Sterling melodrama is a storyline befitting the current times. Sterling and Liverpool have been mutual antagonists for a while now and the animosity between the two parties has,…


Raheem Sterling’s agent and a fruitful pursuit of attention

The Against Modern Football crowd get a tough press sometimes, but this week their numbers will have been swelled by the Raheem Sterling melodrama. At the time of writing the…


Raheem Sterling, contract pressure, and the false value of optimism

Brendan Rodgers was quizzed yesterday about the future of Raheem Sterling.  The winger has obviously been involved in a long-running contract dispute with Liverpool and, with his deal set to…

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Liverpool, Raheem Sterling, and a media war

What a dispiriting couple of days this has been. Regardless of whether you believe Raheem Sterling is or isn’t owed the wage he’s asking for or whether is or is…

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The sinister tone of the Raheem Sterling coverage

There’s an ugliness to this. Beneath the surface of the coverage of the Raheem Sterling melodrama lies something quite unsavoury.  Sterling may be in the midst of an acrimonious fall-out…