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Gareth Bale taking some heat at Real Madrid 0

It’s been a while since Gareth Bale was mentioned in these pages, and he’s been the subject of quite a bitchy attack from former Real Madrid Director General Jorge Valdano: “Bale has a rare anxiety because he doesn’t seem to be with the pace of the game. When you’re anxious, you play at a speed(…)

Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, and the status-seeking referee 0

A quick break from English football… Cristiano Ronaldo was sent-off during Real Madrid’s game with Athletic Bilbao on Sunday, and The Guardian is reporting this morning - via Spanish radio station Cadena Cope that the referee responsible will face disciplinary action. “It has reported that Spain’s refereeing technical committee has dropped Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez(…)

Remember when…Coventry City flipped Robert Jarni 0

France 1998 is remembered for Zinedine Zidane’s brilliance, original Ronaldo’s dressing-room panic-attack, and England’s penalty-exit at the hands of Argentina, yet Croatia’s progress through that tournament was one of its forgotten highlights. Escaping a relatively easy group which included Argentina, Japan and Jamaica, Miroslav Blazevic’s side knocked-out Romania, and then Germany, before finally succumbing to(…)

Gareth Bale, Tottenham and Real Madrid: Fears 16

For those of you who didn’t watch Barcelona defeat Real Madrid last night, and who didn’t see Gareth Bale’s first hour of El Clasico football, you didn’t miss a lot: Bale largely just looked lost and out of his depth. The nature of the Spanish press dictates that he will be crucified this morning, and(…)

Real Madrid’s obsession with ‘new and shiny’ is to Arsenal’s enormous benefit 0

Since Mesut Ozil completed his transfer to Arsenal, a couple of people have gone on-record to express their disbelief that Real Madrid were willing to sell the player - the latest being Joachim Low, who described the decision as ‘incomprehensible’. Low, as Ozil’s national team manager, has a natural bias in the player’s favour, but(…)

Real Madrid, temerity, and Tottenham 2

Sound the irony klaxon, here’s Real Madrid’s vice-president Fernando Fernandez Tapias complaining about Tottenham’s conduct during the Gareth Bale saga: “I think it will happen but I cannot make any firm promises. We’re going to wait because they are dragging their feet. There are a few problems but I hope they will soon be resolved.(…)

Real Madrid go early on Gareth Bale deal, show lack of class yet again 7

I must have said this half-a-dozen times already this Summer, but one more won’t hurt: if a club other than Real Madrid behaved as the Spanish club have done over Gareth Bale, UEFA would have slapped them with a transfer embargo by now. They’ve become the school bully who even the teachers are too afraid(…)

Tottenham, Gareth Bale, and Real Madrid: End-game and adjustments 3

The narrative around Gareth Bale’s possible move to Real Madrid has been extensive and extremely dull, but mercifully it’s nearly at its end - whatever the outcome, it will be a good day when a resolution is finally found. What nobody has really thought about, is how Bale might transition into life in Spain; such(…)

Tottenham, Gareth Bale, and Luka Modric: Silly, and getting sillier 0

Darren Lewis has a really good go at getting himself to trend today, with his ‘exclusive’ in The Mirror about Daniel Levy being ready to sell Gareth Bale for a world-record fee and Luke Modric as part-exchange. As I said yesterday, the reporting of this saga is separated into two categories: those journalists who do(…)

Taking aim at the reporting of the Tottenham, Bale, Real Madrid story 10

I don’t believe for a second that Real Madrid have actually made a bid for Gareth Bale. I’m not a transfer-writer and I don’t have dozens of shady sources calling me in hushed voices, but even so, my common-sense won’t let me swallow this story. There are a couple of really troubling aspects to this,(…)

Manchester United and Luka Modric? Reaching… 0

So, it seems as if Manchester United’s pursuit of Cesc Fabregas is going to be unsuccessful, and that the Spaniard will be staying at Barcelona - so we’re all in need of a new transfer target to write about. The Times have gone for Luka Modric, and claim that United will bid somewhere in the(…)

Tottenham’s fury at Real Madrid shouldn’t obscure Jonathan Barnett’s role in the Gareth Bale issue 3

There’s an article on by Greg Stobart today which discusses Tottenham’s apparent rage at the way Real Madrid have conducted themselves throughout the Gareth Bale melodrama this Summer. It’s hard to disagree with, because the Spanish club have done everything within their power to unsettle the player and Daniel Levy, you would imagine, is(…)

Arsenal are being used by Gonzalo Higuain 2

Beyond all the tedium of Wayne Rooney, Jose Mourinho, and the general decline of English football, another really bizarre story is developing this Summer. Gonzalo Higuain’s protracted move to Arsenal. By all accounts, this deal was ready to be completed over two weeks ago, and it seemed realistic for Arsenal to expect the Argentine to(…)

More glorious lies about Tottenham, Gareth Bale, and Real Madrid 0

Contrary to popular belief, The Daily Star is still in print and still churning-out an endless string of pointless stories about Big Brother winners and general racism. Thank God. Anyway, in the absence of anything else to write today, they went with a solid exclusive about Real Madrid and Gareth Bale, which we should all(…)

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