England U-turn not in Chelsea’s or John Terry’s interests 0

As we get closer to the World Cup, John Terry is probably going to become a more frequently discussed topic and the issue of his non-availability for England will become increasingly relevant. The issue between Terry and England is complicated, and his relationship with The FA was forever altered by the Anton Ferdinand situation, and(…)

Why Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher should be missed by everyone 2

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Jamie Carragher as a player, and now that he’s announced his retirement I’m not going to be revisionist and pretend otherwise. I do admire him, though. Carragher, probably by his own admission, is not the most naturally-gifted player that will ever set foot on a Premier League pitch,(…)

Reminiscing about Manchester United’s Eric Cantona and his retirement 0

In the age of internet, it’s almost impossible to avoid breaking news stories. Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, if something significant happens you’ll know about it very quickly. That wasn’t the case in 1997, and reading of Eric Cantona’s abrupt retirement on Ceefax had a shocking quality to it, one which it probably(…)

Ledley King on his retirement 2

It’s a sad, sad day, but an inevitable one - Ledley King has lost his battle against chronic injury problems and has retired from the game. “I have been here since I was a boy, I have always considered it my club and have always found it hard to imagine wearing the shirt of another(…)

Why Ledley King should now retire 1

Ledley King makes Tottenham fans proud to support the club. Injuries have robbed him of the extended career he should have had, but this is a player who has quite literally run himself into the ground for the cause. King is an example of something rare in football: a player who genuinely loves a club.(…)

Why Paul Scholes shouldn’t receive an England call-up 0

Manchester United have obviously benefited greatly from bringing Paul Scholes out of retirement this season, but assuming that England would be similarly enhanced is naïve. Scholes was one of the most technically gifted players to ever appear in the Premier League, nobody’s disputing that, but he has nothing to bring to the national team. It’s(…)

Manchester United dare not contemplate life without Ferguson 3

Such has been the decline in Manchester United’s squad over recent seasons, that had they won the title this year it would have been at the very top of Sir Alex Ferguson’s list of accomplishments. United are an ever more average set of players, elevated beyond their means by an extraordinary manager. But what would(…)

Tottenham facing difficult decisions over Ledley King 5

There’s not a lot of loyalty left in football. Players leave clubs on a whim and fans transplant their affection onto a new arrival in a heartbeat. That’s just the way it is, that’s the game today. There a couple of exceptions though, particularly the ageing club legend who’s served his side without so much(…)