Ron Vlaar

Aston Villa’s Ron Vlaar: Performance versus Spain 2

There was a mildly incredulous reaction to Ron Vlaar’s performance for Holland last night, with many people surprised that a component of that shaky Aston Villa defence was capable of subduing a player like Diego Costa. Understandable; still, though, it’s worth remembering the reputation that Vlaar arrived in England with, and it’s also important to(…)

Update on Aston Villa’s pursuit of Ron Vlaar

Update on Aston Villa’s pursuit of Ron Vlaar 0

If you’re English the chances are that you still hate Ronald Koeman for 1993, and he’s hasn’t endeared himself to anybody in the Midlands this morning with his comments regarding Aston Villa’s conduct in relation to Ron Vlaar: “It is good when you invite a player and give him a positive feeling but it seems(…)