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False contexts & sulky hysteria: Why Roy Hodgson deserves to keep his job

False contexts & sulky hysteria: Why Roy Hodgson deserves to keep his job 0

When something goes wrong with a football team, the default response is for the supporters and the media to demand the manager’s sacking. Why? Because it’s so easy.  If you’re not really sure of what the problem actually is, then removing a coach and and his backroom staff is a fail-safe blanket response.  It’s far(…)

Roy Hodgson missing the point with Wayne Rooney

Roy Hodgson missing the point with Wayne Rooney 0

“I think it’s a bit sad that the country is so Wayne Rooney-obsessed. I don’t think Wayne sets himself up to be anything other than a very important member of the squad who tries his best at all times. We work as a team but certainly we don’t have the same obsession with Wayne, or(…)

Don’t want to be asked about Rio Ferdinand? Then explain his absence, Roy… 0

Roy Hodgson finds answering questions about Rio Ferdinand irritating; he’s made that very clear in the aftermath of England’s win over Brazil on Wednesday night: “It seems to me all I ever do is answer questions about Rio. I am not prepared, every time we play, to keep revisiting something which I have revisited at(…)

Preferred England team for Poland

Preferred England team for Poland 0

Are we more excited that England are playing, or that today is the last day of this international entertainment vacuum? You can guess. Anyway, here’s our preferred starting line-up for Warsaw. Joe Hart Obviously. On a side note, didn’t the ‘ironic’ cheers of the Wembley crowd that greeted Hart’s every touch of the ball demonstrate(…)

Feeling sorry for Roy Hodgson…

Feeling sorry for Roy Hodgson… 0

I feel incredibly sorry for Roy Hodgson today. We moan and bitch about how benign the personalities are within the game, yet as soon as someone gives an opinion on something we’re clamouring for an apology. Roy Hodgson probably shouldn’t have been discussing Rio Ferdinand’s England future on the tube, but then again, do we(…)

Why Roy Hodgson will not pick Rio Ferdinand for England 1

Because, essentially, he can’t. Being England manager isn’t, sadly, just about picking eleven players to represent their country, it’s also political. Roy Hodgson stressed time and again over the Summer, that Rio Ferdinand’s omission from the squad which travelled to Poland & Ukraine was on the basis of a football decision. We all know that(…)

Trying to empathise with Peter Crouch’s England decision 0

So Roy Hodgson has been speaking out about Peter Crouch, and explaining his decision to continually exclude the forward from his squads. Crouch supposedly declined the opportunity to be on the back-up list for Euro 2012, and Hodgson is intent on holding that against him. Nothing new there, we’ve seen this kind of situation before(…)

Happy to see Michael Carrick back in the England squad 0

There’s a lot of rubbish written about Michael Carrick, and it’s almost always authored by someone who doesn’t understand the player’s strengths or his role within a team. He may not fly into tackles, or arrow Hollywood passes across the pitch, but that’s not to the detriment of his worth. Carrick is a metronome, a(…)

Rio Ferdinand’s continued England absence suggests something sinister 4

This is why John Terry should have been left out of the England squad. As we wrote in early May, if Terry was included and Rio Ferdinand was omitted, then there were always going to be some that would believe it not to be a decision rooted in football. Given what’s gone on today, can(…)

England: For club and country 0

As our nation’s hopes lie in the hands of yet another manager thanks to the seemingly endless “she loves me, she loves me not” relationship the consistently incompetent F.A. have when it comes to the decision to go foreign or stay home-grown, as always the focus is on what approach Roy Hodgson will take with(…)

Four observations from England against Norway 4

Stewart Downing was actually ok… It’s easy to whip the Liverpool winger, he never really seems to do anything - especially for his country. He’s been the unanimous hate-figure of Roy Hodgson’s selection, but credit where it’s due, he was positive last night. Maybe it’s a mark of England’s perennial left-sided deficiencies, but Downing offers(…)

Roy Hodgson and his fondness for Liverpool players

Roy Hodgson and his fondness for Liverpool players 9

Is Roy Hodgson just trying to appease Liverpool’s fans by loading the England squad with their players? Or does the FA just have a quota that needs filling? Can anybody come up with a better explanation for Steven Gerrard, Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing, and Glen Johnson being named to the full squad, and for Jordan(…)

Rating & Slating Roy Hodgson’s England squad

Rating & Slating Roy Hodgson’s England squad 0

Ah, the excitement, the anticipation, and the optimism of an international tournament - and tomorrow Roy Hodgson will select the twenty-three brave players who will accompany him all the way to a Quarter-Final exit. Joking of course, we’re clearly going home at the end of the group stage - here’s the 23 we would take(…)

What the England squad tells us…

What the England squad tells us… 0

In this day and age, there’s really no need for official announcements - any significant sporting news always gets leaked to the press ahead of time. It’s through Twitter then, that we’ve learnt of the Glen Johnson, John Terry, Bobby Zamora and Andy Carroll’s inclusion in the England squad for the European Championships. Many a(…)

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