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Sam Allardyce, excuses, and failure to own responsibility 6

At 12pm yesterday, it would have taken an impressive effort for any Premier League manager other than Jose Mourinho to be this morning’s talking point.  The modern game loves a soap opera, and the Portuguese’s appearance on Goals On Sunday has already been transcribed by several national newspapers. Yes, really. But then came Sam Allardyce…(…)

Ravel Morrison, West Ham and conspiracy theories 0

Reports this morning claim that Ravel Morrison is of interest to Lazio.  Supposedly, West Ham will allow the troubled midfielder to leave the club for free and, given the volume of negativity around Morrison in this country, a move abroad does seem the most plausible next step for him. Morrison has created a lot of(…)

West Ham, Sam Allardyce, and misleading claims about job security 0

It’s very apparent that all is not well between Sam Allardyce and West Ham’s owners, and the combination of last season performance, the bizarre Ravel Morrison situation, and Allardyce’s childish reaction to being told to embrace a new style of football has clearly created some friction. What it has not necessarily done, however, is put(…)

West Ham’s Sam Allardyce and a big sulk

West Ham’s Sam Allardyce and a big sulk 2

The situation between Sam Allardyce and West Ham’s owners is not going to end well. This was his response to questions posed after the club’s defeat to Sydney in their final game in Australasia. “We are working on our new style. We have to be more open and expansive.  That’s what is demanded now so(…)

Discussing Sam Allardyce’s vulnerability at West Ham 0

Matt Law reported in The Telegraph this afternoon that Sam Allardyce’s future will be discussed at the club’s end of season review, and that irrespective of whether West Ham avoid relegation or not his position is less than certain. End of season reviews are, of course, completely standard and every club in the country will(…)

Sam Allardyce’s ‘unloved child’ act wearing thin at West Ham 2

“Where normally we’ve had to play with ten men this year and won, tonight the opposition have gone down to ten men and not won and I think everyone should really remember that.  They (the fans) should be grateful.” The boos rang out at Upton Park at the final-whistle last night, and understandably so: having(…)

Discussing Sam Allardyce, West Ham, and the supposed agent controversy involving Ravel Morrison

Discussing Sam Allardyce, West Ham, and the supposed agent controversy involving Ravel Morrison 0

The story about Sam Allardyce, Ravel Morrison and Mark Curtis isn’t going away. Here’s Allardyce discussing the recent claim made by Daniel Taylor in The Guardian that he - with the assistance of Kevin Nolan - had tried to shepherd Morrison towards Curtis: “But there is no truth in the fact I have sat with(…)

West Ham approach zero-barrier with Sam Allardyce

West Ham approach zero-barrier with Sam Allardyce 0

West Ham’s owners have spent the past week reaffirming their belief in Sam Allardyce, and publicly backing their their beleaguered manager. Whether that stance owes more to genuine belief or to the fear of the financial consequences of an early termination we don’t know, but for the time-being Allardyce remains in charge at Upton Park.(…)

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