Tom Cleverley

‘Protest’ reaction to Tom Cleverley’s England call-up is an embarrassment 4

Tom Cleverley is extremely fortunate to have been included in the England squad for the upcoming friendly with Denmark, and his undeniably been very suspect this season. But petitions requesting that he be ‘banned’ from representing his country are ludicrous. That’s shameful; regardless of how good a football player Tom Cleverley is, remember that this(…)

Discussing today’s backlash against Manchester United’s Tom Cleverley 1

Tom Cleverley did an interview with Oliver Holt in The Mirror recently, and within hours of it appearing online this morning the Manchester United midfielder was getting slaughtered for it. The most brutal criticism comes from Football365′s Mediawatch, in which Cleverley is ridiculed for a ‘lack of self-awareness’ and for general excuse-mongering. I’ve got some(…)

Manchester United’s Tom Cleverley and the cost of not adjusting expectations 0

For those who weren’t already aware, Bleacher Report ran a story this afternoon about a petition from within the Manchester United fanbase demanding that the club sell Tom Cleverley. It’s all fairly childish and at the time of writing has fewer than 200 hundred signatures, but - while it doesn’t necessarily represent the majority’s view(…)

Tom Cleverley’s performance for Manchester United: Graphics 1

Tom Cleverley is a Manchester United player who takes a lot of criticism, but today he performed very well - even if that doesn’t mean that it’s time to revisit the ludicrous Paul Scholes comparisons. Here are some of his graphics from Villa Park - via Squawka: For a full set of graphics and stats(…)

Tom Cleverley approaching the decisive moment of his Manchester United career 0

There was a lot of coverage about what Manchester United did and did not achieve during the Summer transfer window, and the questions about Ed Woodward’s suitability to his role will presumably continue until he proves himself capable of negotiating decisively for top-tier talent. What got missed, though, was the fact that United tried very(…)

Tom Cleverley’s future at Manchester United 3

The press are widely reporting that Manchester United have lodged a £30m bid for Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas. That, quite obviously, is not a squad-strengthening move, it’s an attempt to improve the first-eleven - if Fabregas were to move to Old Trafford, he would obviously be to occupy the role between Michael Carrick and Shinji Kagawa(…)

Manchester United’s Tom Cleverley: Season in numbers 1

Tom Cleverley is becoming something of ‘Marmite player’: either you’re fully paid-up believer in his talent, or you think that he only receives the attention that he does because he plays for Manchester United. In truth, neither viewpoint is wholly correct, but he has produced a solid season and contributed in an area of the(…)

Tom Cleverley: Thoughts on his role at Manchester United 2

Actually he’s a pretty good player, isn’t he? Tom Cleverley gets a bit of a trolling on this site because of the hyperbole that surrounds him. It’s not his fault, but it’s quite irritating to listen to the premature comparisons with Paul Scholes. Let’s revise this opinion: he’s an excellent young player who isn’t really(…)

Fearing for Tom Cleverley 0

Here we go again. Tom Cleverley played well against Moldova, hence on Tom Cleverley’s shoulders shall rest the weight of English expectation for the next decade. Or maybe he can share than burden with the other Xavi in-waiting, Jack Wilshere. We’re so premature with our judgements in this country, and it crushes our players. Because(…)

Five reasons why…Manchester United will win the title 1

The forward line The best in the league? Maybe, and it’s at least the equal of anything that Manchester City can boast. It’s not just a question of adding together Wayne Rooney’s and Robin Van Persie’s goals from last year, because we still have to see whether they can actually operate together - but why(…)

Too much being expected of Tom Cleverley too soon 0

When Tom Cleverley was injured last season, listening to the range of comments concerning what would be if he was on the pitch, it was as if Manchester United were actually missing Paul Scholes in his prime. Cleverley was the answer to everything: the team’s lack of midfield fluency, their creative void, and every other(…)

Spending time and money with the Transfer Window. 0

As we try and stave off the impending banality of International football, it’s time to take a look back at the highlights of the transfer window. Who will be a success, who’s been a bargain, and who will end up living in a caravan within the next month… Marco Boogers, in case you missed the(…)