Caveats with Tottenham and Kevin Mirallas 6

Kevin Mirallas did himself no favours at all on Monday night.  If the stories are true and if he has grown restless at Everton, the penalty melodrama at Goodison Park served to do nothing beyond create a big red flag next to his name. The Belgian may be eighteen months away from becoming a free-agent,(…)

Jan Vertonghen’s changing attitude at Tottenham 14

Praising Mauricio Pochettino is becoming very trendy, but given how Tottenham are performing at the moment it’s not unreasonable.  The Argentine hasn’t quite imparted his tactical message on his new side, but quite obviously his arrival has coincided with the development of some much needed character within the squad. Spurs are becoming pleasingly stubborn; physically(…)

Erik Lamela’s Tottenham performance: A small but not insignificant victory 4

Most Tottenham fans will have really enjoyed Erik Lamela’s performance at White Hart Lane yesterday.  There are some, however, who decided some time ago that the Argentine is not worth persevering with and and who, subsequently, are now very dismissive towards any evidence of form shown by the player. Nobody contests that Lamela has struggled(…)

Tottenham, the Liverpool humbling, and an important expectation yardstick

Tottenham, the Liverpool humbling, and an important expectation yardstick 3

It’s a fairly typical fan-response, isn’t it? We all have that friend who, even when his side are utterly humiliated, will convincingly tell you that he not only isn’t phased by a defeat, but that he actually welcomes it.  It’s very contrived and it’s very transparent, but sometimes that friend has a point. Tottenham got(…)

Tottenham and Mauricio Pochettino: Progress is a process 2

Tottenham played very well against Queens Park Rangers last weekend, so defeat to Liverpool yesterday was always likely to provoke an overreaction of sorts.  The ‘what new era’ mindset of some of the fans seems to be confirmation that impatience and alarmism are still alive and well in the game. Team-building is not a binary(…)

Tottenham vs Liverpool: Individual Player Statistics

Tottenham vs Liverpool: Individual Player Statistics 1

Tottenham got slapped back into reality by Liverpool yesterday and there’s a more lengthy write-up of the differences between the two sides here, as well as something on Raheem Sterling’s general emergence as a player here. Here are the statistics from White Hart Lane: - Etienne Capoue had 115 touches of the ball, the most(…)

Tottenham 0 Liverpool 3: The same but different 2

Tottenham 0 - 3 Liverpool The fear before this game was that Mauricio Pochettino and his new side could have done with a few more games before facing an opponent of Liverpool’s calibre.  Spurs are transitioning towards a system not dissimilar to the one employed by Brendan Rodgers at Anfield, and today showed just how(…)

Tottenham and Danny Welbeck are not a good match 9

Danny Welbeck is expected to leave Manchester United before the transfer-window shuts, either on loan or on a permanent basis, and Tottenham have been one of the clubs linked with him.  Supposedly, Mauricio Pochettino spent his Tuesday night at Stadium:MK watching Welbeck and deciding whether to green-light a move for him, although that’s exactly the(…)

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