The Premier League have damaged their reputation by botching the Scudamore issue 0

Here’s what should have happened: the minute The Mirror broke the story about Richard Scudamore, he should have been drafting his letter of resignation.  He should have taken ownership of the comments he made in those emails, apologised profusely for them, and admitted his sever error of judgement.

The Premier League would have reluctantly accepted his offer, issued a press-release praising his influence on the growth of the brand, and started the search for a new Chief Executive.

If that had happened, the damage to the Premier League’s name would have been minimal and this would now be a non-story.

Instead, the handling of this has been botched from start to finish.

The issue at hand is not whether Richard Scudamore is a misogynist; the important factor here is perception, and it is now - reasonably - perceived that the attitude of Scudamore and the organisation he represents is not in line with 21st Century standards of equality.  That’s a very big deal: the Premier League is the figurehead body of English football and it’s entirely inappropriate for this matter to be allowed fester as it has.

As I wrote on the morning that this story broke, replace ‘gender’ with ‘race’ in this situation, and it’s obvious that this is a glaring double-standard.  Had Scudamore been making derisory remarks about a minority in his emails, his desk would have been cleared before the end of last weekend.

Instead of any action, the Premier League and Scudamore have issued a rather generic apology - in which very little contrition was actually shown - and have done precisely nothing for the past five days.  Evidently, the hope seems to be that a bigger story will come along shortly, the agenda will be shifted, and the ire around Scudamore will gradually dissipate.

“Keep a low profile and eventually everyone will forget about this.”

The Premier League have damaged their own reputation here and have unwittingly cast themselves as apologists for Scudamore’s behaviour.  We’re continually told of the game’s intention to develop a zero-tolerance policy towards all discrimination, yet a ‘oh, it’s not a big deal’ precedent is being created within the offices of one of the game’s most powerful organisations.  How does that work.

Pack up your stapler and your eraser, Richard, it’s time to fall on your sword.  Five days?  There are glaciers moving at a quicker pace - stop hoping that this ‘blows over’ and be decisive.

Richard Scudamore is not a victim here and neither is he the victim of a witch-hunt - he is an extremely well-paid man who has held this job for long enough to know far, far better.

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