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Ben Weeks on the provision and standard of The Premier League’s content…

Today I got drawn into an interesting dilemma, which I’ll explain briefly before raising my point. I saw the news from ‘Sky Sources’ - no, sorry - Twitter, that 101 Great Goals looks likely to be closed down. I moved past that fairly quickly without much concern as, as I imagine a fair amount of others have, I’ve grown fairly weary of the ‘lad banter’ football accounts of which 101GG has tried to associate itself with.

It only occurred to me about an hour later as I was attempting to find footage of Vydra’s (sickening, from my perspective) equaliser against Fulham on Saturday that I realised that I actually rely on the dodgy links, multiple pop-up ads and general crapness of the site  that is now under copyright infringement scrutiny from The Premier League and UEFA, and others of it’s ilk, for the majority of my football viewing outside of match day content.

You don’t have an awful lot of choices when re-watching the Premier League. You can sit through the tedious and generally unsatisfying Match of the Day, hope that some footage is made available via various club websites or pay The Sun of all companies to have access to their goal highlights.

Just typing that out reinforces to me just how insufficient this is for the self-proclaimed Greatest League In The World.

Even in the US, a country where ‘Soccer’ isn’t half as ingrained into culture as it is here, the level of extra content via main provider NBC is vastly superior and accessible - constantly available ‘round recaps’, highlights of each game and a number of more superficial ‘*Something* of the week’ features.

It really isn’t too much to ask for the Premier League,with it’s partnership with Sky, to modernise - to make some attempt to bring the whole package up to an acceptable standard that means that the night shift worker who missed Hull v Stoke’s 10 seconds on MOTD, or the blogger who’s interested in passing patterns or the average fan who’s just looking to re-watch the weekend’s goals know where to go.

It’s no wonder that we generally accept illegal content, when the alternative is so unsatisfactory.

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